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A strong passioned dreamer, yeah

What about those days
When you would go to school
Your walking down the hall solo
Targets aiming at ya from
Hear my soul in passioned pleas
Depth of mercy, can there be
Mercy still reserved for me?

Now incline me to repent
Let me now my sins lament
Deeply my
tell the stars apart anymore 
Background check if you got any sores 
Is this your job, what you're passioned for

Bet he misses it, I bet he misses it

incredibly passioned hearts
Humankind, holders of God's gift of creation and love

As consequence the dark one speaks,
he won’t let God enslave humankind
And made to be a slave

Don't you know it's bad behavior?
He's your prince and I'm your savior
Find it hard to sleep in silence
Miss my throne with passioned
to do
I become the Dark in you

Perfect disaster, our doomed union
Animalistic, it wasn't human
Passioned burned bright
Bound to die fast, we both know it
rushin' through the window, can't even touch your heat
Soul to soul, no control, breathin' in your heart beat
And only passioned fools are looking for
Darkened rolling figures move
Through prisms of no color
Hand in hand, they walk the night
But never know each other

Passioned pastel neon
One that close nobody else but you
I need a girl, just like the girl at Mary year ol da--

A sweet ol passioned girl with heart so true
One that
Darkened rolling figures move
Through prisms of no color
Hand in hand, they walk the night
But never know each other

Passioned pastel neon
Passioned way to cheat her
Ain't it funny how it seems
Just a little bit sweeter
And the truth about a liar
He burns the bluest blue in a fire

with confidence
They’re messaging
This festering
Blind ignorance, leader’s arrogance
Just passioned pleas
And effigies
They’ll put their evidence
definetly made it
Like even with the distance we actually made an album
Yea our time so different man
But see we both passioned about how it actually worked
As you breath slowly right in my neck
Babe you're making me crazy
It's your passioned eyes
Burning through my eyes
It's your "je ne sais quoi"
The best I can be
The best
I want to be great
To be passioned, to create
To free my mind and let
My emotions
Flow slowly
I have got you little charmers
Could you help me to keep silence
Switched the lights out streets are empty
Wasted time has made me passioned
I've got
They be Posted at the grand lux 
Desert eagle on me 
Catch me posted in a tan tux 

Feel like double O, I'm a passioned assassin 

Yo Personality plastic
Sneering, leering
Groping, feeling
Trapping, baiting

Slaving, raving
Beating, hurting
Clubbing, stabbing
Passioned, rabid

Dreaming, scheming
This keychain ain't big enough for the two of us
One's got to go between a fashion nova and a passioned core
Wonder who it's gonna be
Stage presence
wish you never learned of this dress
The greatest of fashion, worn by a passioned Debutante
Left everything she wears

Scream if you want to scream
the Zulu Anglo Saxons, you need to face the facts son
Fatal attraction with trials that be passioned
Bad like Micheal Jackson, tell 'em who's asking
Stench of decay spreads in the air
Faccal bespattered bodies cold & bare

A passioned undertaker exhibits his darned corpses
Decorated dainty -
of hate condemned to wait
For years piled up on years
Your passioned pleas on bended knee
Are not but cautioned fears
For all that lives is claimed by time
We awoke dancing in a passioned stare
Strangers around us smelt the love in the air
I gasped and you laughed at me
We were making love in the middle

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