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I fucked my american cunt
I loved my english romance
I fucked my american cunt
I loved my english romance
It was so nice
The fire breathing Rebels arrive at the party early,
                      C                  D
Their khaki coats are hung in the closet near
like a dog chasin it's tail
And by the time I turned of legal age I'd probably be in jail 
In school my teachers thought I was just a foul mouthed
Hip-hip-hop [x2]

There is no implication hip-hop is wrong
Beats tapped out, played back in songs
Consider hip-hop
blink at the street like your first slow stick and go
Right about now my mind is mine and my mind is yours, to enjoy the shinin'

I'm inclined to give
a lotta Moet to drink
Cash spent as fast as you blink
And all you hear is (dosidodo)
None of these folks are livin' low
They're livin' on the (high)
You know the words, mayn, "2000 triple zero, party over, we gone"
As the choir sings songs of redemption
In the U.S. we dyin' for religion
Out in
white hope
Hey yo, Preemo, should I hit 'em with the rope of dope
Sea shells, sea shells by the sea shore
But now I'm slap, tap and a rap an' attack
my reign, my buzz too strong
I was here when you came, I'll be here when you gone
Keep talkin' like you tough when you're singin' ya song
I blow ya

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