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say "hey"

I want to party on your pussy, baby
I want to party on, party on your pussy
I want to party on your pussy, baby
I want to party on your
say "hey"

I want to party on your pussy, baby
I want to party on, party on your pussy
I want to party on your pussy, baby
I want to party on your
the fella
In the Brite Nitegown

The eagle flies on Friday
My baby wants to bash
I hit the ATM
And march down the street
With a roll of party cash
say "hey"

I want to party on your pussy, baby
I want to party on, party on your pussy
I want to party on your pussy, baby
I want to party on your
Well, me and my buddies are goin' to a party tonight
And we don't care if we ain't got no invite
We don't care if our face don't fit
Gonna grab
[Paula Deanda]
All day
All night
I'm feel
Your light

Hook 1: Baby Bash
Let's dip
Let's roll
My whip
So throwed

Repeat Hook 1

Beefsteak Charlie says to Porky the Pig
"I can see the party lights
Someone's throwin' a bash and it sure looks big
Down at the slaughterhouse
Hey, hey, hold it down, hold it down
Hello baby, I'm glad you called

We got a party goin' on and it's a free for all
I can't quite hear you,
hellzapoppin', hellzapoppin'
 And you're invited to the party too
 Better look out, ain't no cook-out
 We're playin' this one by ear
 We're throwin' the book
Hey yo must not sleep
I bash the bracket open and breach
The priority's bleached since that seventy-six umbilical severed
Majority's cordially
when I stop by to take you out to eat
I find you lying, all dressed up on the bed, baby, fast asleep

Then as I lean across the bed, darlin,
your parakeet, with scissors, clip his head
Then get the charcoal, whassup, burn your dog's legs
Walk by the barbershop, and hit the glass with eggs
a bad thing caressing a fella gently
(What you doing with that?) Smashing her out
Cashing out, throw a baby bash in your mouth
Don't forget to RSVP,
Slash and I smash 'cause I thrash when I bash

Invite me to a party and your house'll get trashed 
An outcast sick of being harassed so I dashed
and grab somebody!
Ain't nothin' but a White Trash Party!
So let's have us a little bash
And if anyone asks
If there ain't no one but us trash
You dunno, you
I'm supernova middle finger to a hater if you thought it was ova

Like ooh shawty what it do
I wanna get loose and party like a white girl

Baby, I
[biz markie]
But bust this though everybody
Yo, we havin a party, a lord's party
A party for the lords, the lords with the party thing
Originally recorded by KISS off the album Dressed To Kill, 1975
You show us everything you've got 
You keep on dancin and the room gets hot 
to know it's party time
Baby, know we party like this all the time
Drinking, looking straight like we don't lost our minds
Early in the morning is
the oyster party
Your mama's in league with the lobster gang
Bang bang bang the lobster gang

Baby, I'm telling you true
This feeling I feel about you
Yeah, clap your hands

We're having a party
Dancing to the music
Played by the DJ
On the radio
The Cokes are in the icebox
Popcorn's on the table
believe what I saw
As I turned on the t.v. this evening
I was disgusted by all the injustice
All the injustice
Yeah, Yeah

Stop pressurin' me just stop
You see I smash on you pussies and creep with the thugs
I got a T-shirt that say "Weed is not drugs"
I got a tight spot that sits by the sea
A thousand motels waiting to trash
Tv dinners, well I love that bash
And if you Eddie, just say hi
This party's open so drop on by

All your dreams will
next spring
When the bash is over, I'll tell you what I'm going to do
I got my trailer picked out, gonna move it down to Grandview

I got this 28 by

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