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I'm not feeling particularly animated
I'm not feeling particularly hard to impress
I'm not feeling particularly anything at all
I'm not feeling
Particularly poignant right now

The brilliant author 
Toni Morrison once said
Something along the lines of
The function of freedom is to free someone else
And I
a little bit more responsible than the others?

John: no, not particularly.

Yoko: no, not particularly.
No. The whole world, if the whole world was really
everything to see
Now my scene is the snow on a static TV screen

Lord I can dream of an ordinary life
Where nothing particularly weird is going down
Lord I
Wing mirrors off of Cadillacs
The particularly pretty ones

And that
Meant she never had to strain her back
When she was putting her lippy
constant confusion for me
In a trance when you speak
Got me saying "no way, no way, no way, okay okay"
Doesn't particularly matter what you say
she bad soo exciting
I need Particular Diamonds
Particularly like the Finest
Particularly like won't Find it

You a typical bitch... uh 
I need
of shandy was particularly ill
Plato, they say, could stick it away
Half a crate of whiskey every day

Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle
But particularly with depression
He can only see the dark
But heard life can be a blessing
He hope he doesn't miss his chance
Of learning all
& eat
Daily! I dont be givin a muthafuck if I seem Shady, Lately, When I Crave the Meat
No predicting who looking particularly finger lickin tastey
to ask her how she's been
You know that it's not that she's wrong
Nor particularly strong
It's just there
It's always there

It's eleven o'clock
She turns
I hopped a train
Not particularly anywhere
I thought I'd see myself the coast
I ended up here on the 
Beach tonight in Portland
Chasing down some
a thousand times since then

And we spoke long, at length
Of the fight or flee
And of nothing in particularly
Underneath the cannonball tree

We spoke
a thousand times since then

And we spoke long, at length
Of the fight or flee
And of nothing in particularly
Underneath the cannonball tree

We spoke
It wasn't particularly very comfortable being under British colonial domination
And then I came to the United States in 1977
Just before
Rage is a gift 
I use it particularly well 
It's easy enough to hate another soul 
It's another magic to implement that power onto thy self
You don’t criticize his stride
Get out the forks and get out the knives
Prepare for the nosedive
The moments that are easy aren’t particularly easy
up like trees
This is not particularly my area of expertise
But damn it it feels like a disease
So silence in my head, oh please
Yeah silence in my
You Ready
MarviMarv on the track tho 

I swear it feels like I'm going backwards (Backwards)
I don't know what I'm particularly after (After)
(It's our only song)
This is my only song 
(It's our only song)
I sang it way too 
(I sang it way too)

Particularly we flip the leaves
three weeks ago

Matter fact they're gonna see it through
Even if they don't particularly know how to

Charlie gets to working
On the ten to six
How can I sing like an angry man
When I'm not particularly angry anymore
I'm selling hope to all the people
Like selling sins to the devil

And nourishing the ground
With precious minerals and other stuff
So don't you become paralyzed with fear
When things seem particularly rough
She has a moist vagina
I particularly enjoyed the circumference

I've been sucking the walls off her anus
I prefer her to any other

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