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Give me one more drink darling,
To cool my parching throat
Yes, give me one more drink darling,
To cool my parching throat
I'm in love with you
When the devils faults lay parching in the sands
And the night man is waiting at the station,
Gathered on the steps one by one
I suggest, that
and parching sun were laughing hard

Pack your shy! 
Kite the dime! 
Selfish justice laughing hard on 
You, just selling pieces of your life! 

Hope is fired!
and parching air

And, close beside this aged Thorn
There is a fresh and lovely sight
A beauteous heap, a hill of moss
Just half a foot in height
All lovely
Buh steady watching  (Fuck em)
How you lowkey opping Buh steady out yah just parching (How)
Rada blast him before I daps him fuck all ah dah nonsense
over, keep marching don't flop soldier, I'm parching
They pushing that H20 cause they not sober, don't start shit
I'm farthest from artists who love
to beat its been remarkably carved
Sargent Martian parching artist in the garden of sars
Parthenon embark upon the martyrdom and it's ours uh  

Why wait
When the rivers overflow,
And the snows come hurrying from the hills,
And the bridges often go

And later, in August it may be,
When the meadows parching
pretending I am parching 
I am starving where you feast 

Am I healing or annealing 
Are you the beauty or are you the beast?
thereto evaporate and become rain
One last time, and never again
One last time and never again thereafter
Endless circumstances, parching God
Are reminded
us while we lurk (ho)
As we try to cope (go)
In the fields the bombs are parching

There is a sound 
That's stronger than death
A sound that spells
The mix so smooth like the batter and the frosting
I bring my own stuff because I gotta stay frosty
Glass to my left
Get a drink I'm parching
H to the 2
the parching sun
And at five o'clock in the evening a 25$ job it is done

Take heed what I say this can't be today
Take heed what I say this can't be today

dry throats from parching One drip saw the red sea parting
One drip rolled down Jesus face Before he died to take my place

A drip of water isn't much
ambitions are gone 
parching roots, 
I'm done
Too late for a turn
for home I yearn
a stranger among strangers in a crowd
longing for the beauty left behind
A thousand miles of desert- a million tons of sand
A few less pounds of woman- a tired broken man
A parching thrist that water couldn't quench
Dollars for a plate
Parching after juicy meat
Rare is how I like the blood is there for extra taste
Can't do the look that's clean
White isn't good on me
our lungs are filled with dirt
but no amount of hurt
will stop us trying
We go marching 
through  these parching times
rain will come again
and just
Grotesque fairyland-astrayWith fine falling snowthis
myth now melts awayThrough bloody archwaysit flows
upstreams to seethis heartache parching

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