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Before it goes on
And only I'm left
Before the parade passes by
I've gotta get in step while there's still time left
I'm ready to move out in
A ship comes in
It sails tonight

When all the lights parade the air
Like carousels at summer fairs
Beware the stare of ghost house eyes
Watch them passing by in their million ways
Walk on through the evergreens
Pass from scene to scene through all these yesterdays

Some of them are friends
my eyes to the passing scene 
Old and young and in between 
Driven along by the pounding beat 
All hurrying by 
Down this street 

Sorry old man
My piano fingers tugging at the chord 
'Cause life in a bubble can be 
The sweetest thing sometimes 
With the world just passing by 

Outside your
the glares
From the grass.
The children stare
Their knees are scabbed.
Their chance to fly
Is passing by
And on their knees
Spread wrinkled lines.
I be living in the left lane
Passing y'all by
Sun roof rolling back, speakers up high
I be living in the left lane
Closing my eyes,
up, read all the books and he people worth reading and still see the muck on the sky of the ceiling
Left Voice (Morrison, Tucker)
Please raise
reading and still see

The muck on the sky of the ceiling
Please raise the flag rosy red carpet envy english used here is
Messenger is nervous it's no
Day to parade 
Your best shirt and boots
Nothing to lose
In Biroland

Get in a sandpan
We're going down river
Write down your name
Upon my
There's a kid out on my corner, hear him strumming like a fool
Shivering in his dungerees, but still he's going to school
His cheeks are made