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way or another 
Like those 7 brave souls in the Challenger 
Who were lost over the Atlantic Ocean 

73 seconds it had only been gone 73 seconds
from a federal agency
It's got diagrams and checklists and I read it front to back
And it told me what to do in case of nuclear attack:  Just
Two hundred million

Booming thunder
The lightning destroyer
The bride did not know her

Seal up what the seven thunders know
And I get these panic attacks
Pop a xanax, relax
Try to stick my fucking dick
Inside a mannequins ass

Then I get manic depressed
went by 
"Emergency situation", I heard the captain cry 
All of the crew now went to their posts 
For a final attack on this universal ghost 

We managed
no telepathic capabilities

Fiber-Optic wires try to bind me...
Attack of the greys
I must defend

Raped by technology when I was a kid
bricks of pure coke, white like heaven
My Mexican copped the lick, connect doing confession
Sitting in the pin, son just turned seven
I progress then
scars and injuries inflicted on my enemies 
Attack you mentally  draw up and stand just like a centipede 
Then strike fast  leave ya weak ass up in
the greatest MC of all time
When I created rhyme for the simple fact
When I attack the [?clubs?] be tired
My attempts to ride
Every time all night
I faced
Profile, to my species, see my thesis
Release these bombz by all meanz
Yes, attack the mic rapz until itz a crack fiend
Mase the bass with aids and misplaced
from my homey, yo, then I lay
back and mack and all the rhymes I pack
And wait for a sucker to jump and then attack

Well, I'm known to be the master in
of rope around your neck
Just use some leverage
Asphyxiation, brain hemmorhage
Chopped in half by a band saw
Take a second from life to stop and laugh
Light, neofight, spit
On the cross from a pit
And I look
And I behold a pale horse
Forty-Second degree, mind in the source
Original, it's from
[I - The forbidden words]
[II - Incantation]
[III - Passage of time]
[IV - The silent threat]
[V - Archilles heel]
[VI - Covenant of souls]
[VII -
7-1-8, and 5-1-6 area
Throughout borough to borough, state to state, world thorough wide
I ride, driving mass tracks to genocide
Verbal defender,
ghetto blood clots is scored by slug shots
and drug spots, well if you're too poor to move out
or get a new house, it's like livin in a war walkin through
of rap
State of emergency, the planets having panic attacks
Brady's returning, matter fact I may be deserving
Of a Pat on the back like a Patriots
[instrumental and Spanish speaking for 19 seconds]

[Keith Korg]
Astro Jetman, flight attendant, American Airlines
DC-10 with engine built to my back
Take light  through the crypts at night 
Spark pathetic brains and meteorite 
Seven heaven verses the seven wonder, lyrics of thunder 
As lightning
To keep it in the family they must elimate the swine
And the swine is us, and whose God do +you+ trust?
It's gettin realer by the second in the future

7-1-8, and 5-1-6 area
Throughout borough to borough, state to state, world thorough wide

I ride, driving mass tracks to genocide
Verbal defender,
dungeon, and summon up the second comin'

People started runnin', aliens with hair like Rastafarians
Captured, placed inside of aquariums, studied by
Things get froze, when it comes time, chosen ones
Will holding guns, we take flight with no fright
And attack, never fear cause our words is clear
and clear
My ribcage is clutchy and I'm born this way
Still tryin' to score liquor for a drip
Dripping throwing I did too much
Having a panic attack, I
better known as Brooklyn" --> Buckshot
"Never takin shorts, cause Brooklyn's the borough" --> Guru

[Special Ed]
Panic, as another manic depressive

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