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Don?t be shy, Pandora
Pandora don?t be shy
Sister, you just can?t resist
Neither can I
And it never hurts to try
Just admit
Open it

Well, perhaps
We opened Pandora's box just to see if she was
Home she had an apple pie a jaundiced eye and
A big red telephone she said "boy's I know why
under a gun must be
Don't fuck with Pandora's Box or don't make it so obvious
Do as you would be done by do as you would be don't buy it
Do as you
counting the shots as they go by

In Pandora's litter box
Well, it's getting mighty high
That cat's gonna keep her up at night

Another scary dream

and by the time that I come home she's already sleeping
Sit on the bed and take off my clothes
My nerves their shaking
The lies the sex the heat
to preserve some suicidal bee
I stop to breathe for a while
Maybe it was me
This is the world gliding by
Like the driftwood beams
On a lifetime's stream
The man with no insides, the man with no insides
The man with no insides, the man with no insides

Open this Pandora's box
Crosse fequencies pass
as they go by

In Pandora's litter box
Well, it's getting mighty high
That cat's gonna keep her up at night

Another scary dream
Another cigarette

Todo da igual
el sí o el no
muchos se ahogaron
en el océano.

By PaNdOrA (
wings that dare arise with promise 

Incandescent I represent Pandora's uninformed enlightenment 
And fears that creep about my flame 
Evanesce until
once it's open
You can't contain what's inside once the seal is broken.

Who knocked the locks off of pandora's box
Praise apostate while they
to go now
Going deeper that Asia up to Navajo now
My head's full of mischief like Pandora's box now
If you want to get in you'll have to cut my locks now
Melting in the heat
Beloved Succubus I lick your lips in fever dreams

Pandora sweet
Your hot flesh sucks on mine as I flow deep into thee

bebas tanto, 
no pierdas la cabeza.

By PaNdOrA [ T(xus)ATI ]
the holocaust Mother blinded by birth of love Even as death rots its stench, The heretic wears the crown Sanitarium for the mental failure The baring of three
a thrill then I will
Be misled, be for real

Thought I knew her, this lady
Opportunist, misled
Always searching for adventure
Like Pandora's box,
and red sea

Light bearing Samael
Coalesce with me"

Through pagan city gates
Bred shadows play like twining snake
By candlelight
of western promise hold her by the throat
A son of a swastika of '45 parading a peroxide standard
Graffiti conjure disciples testaments of hatred
Aerosol wands
[Lyrics by Thomas Karlsson (German translation by Dr. Christian Rätsch)]
[Music by Christofer Johnsson/Kristian Niemann]

Ersteig' den höchsten
Eine Prise Mythos
Ein Tropfen Hysterie
Auf keinen Fall bedanken
Es herrscht strikte Hierarchie

Wir befehlen euch zu feiern
Euch an uns zu
they empty hour by hour
Til they were finally drained and I was all alone
And just like pandora, I was sorry now
But I had my boots to carry me home
That's like a poison from the ground
>From Nottingham down to Bosworth field
Past canals and forest and the rivers still
By the rails there's
We've no rights left anymore.

Military science picking the locks
Of a 20th Century Pandora's box.

A father tells a son,
"The army makes a man
flickering grace
That died with the silent age?

When everybody knew your name
They all knew your name

Born wild like a prairie flower
She was sown by
Let's go 
Yeah, your memories are too kind 

Behind every closed door lies another room 
Waiting there for you 

Should I open the Pandora's

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