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acts of violence
This goes deeper than rap shit
He's worth eight figures
So young niggas, boss up
I present to you, Rick Ross, the boss

you down
Rick Ross be the boss in the Phantom and all
Got round the clock rocks, spring, winter, and fall
Some of y'all might call me crazy
rich from the hood YMCMB
Yeah Maybach, brrrap

[Verse 3 - Rick Ross]
I'm that fat muthfucker, young entrepreneurs
Zombies in the street we got them
you see is big stones see I'm on it I ain't even got a major deal Rick Ross be lookin at me like I'm worth at least a couple mill, is it that iced out
Bugzy Malone
You know
Watch this

I don't care if you can kickbox
You could be a big boy like Rick Ross
You could bring Joe Calzaghe