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Looking like a savage
Took it like you lavish
Got it with the Fendi, Prada in a little baggage
Wearing with the passion
Pairing that ain't matching
Wear it
Drop me back down on my knees
Tell me do you define me?

Perfect pairing, don't you love it too?
You tint the mirror just for me
Me, existing relative
Finding the cause that hides within
Work It, unwork It
Pairing together piece and piece
I'm touched by all I see around
I could'nt have imagined all
your mind
Cause whenever you're on mine)
I can't help but swear our pairing's worth a try
So tell me
(If you knew you caught my eye
Would you take
all the things I said I wanted turned out to be heavan haunted
every time I dream I'm sharin
all the things that I tried pairing too

if the thought
fuck around and strategize
A fare for height
We gone fuck around until they pairing right
Your imperfections they so sweet like a new confection
Like ay
Could you make my world complete
(And you saying absolutely)
걷고 싶어 너란 길
Could you be my everything
(Oh my dear it's a perfect pairing)
놀라워라 그 눈빛 다시 날
I got my ice
get it up fancy
Got are myself Pairing
머리가 전부 Claim
다른건 없어 더
going Trace 너를 잡으러
빡세게 노를 저어
병신새꺄 난 너랑 달러
so many Cleaner 빨리 전부
재껴 난 섞여 더
greatest love affair comes with the pairing of heart soul and mind
Love ripened on the vine picked at that perfect time
My woman is wine to me

Take a taste
and pray because he spared my life
I see my people underground when I stare at the sky
One day, we'll link up in the cloud like a pairing device
Now, I just
Seeking comfort in women and substance
Seems the only way that I can function
Odd pairing (Fuego)
Drugs and me
Odd pairing (What are you doing?)
on and on about our Karmic fate
You know something about him just didn't jive
Our potential pairing's gonna take a cosmic dive
He's a New Age Guy
Yes, he's a New
This is the dance of the golden ring
The pairing away, the Revealing
Of blinding emotions the moonlight brings
The ancient and echoing voices
Legendary, I’mma be scary
Everything I do is motherfucking daring
Me and Mac thats a brand new pairing
All these ugly niggas they just be glaring
Legendary, I’mma be scary
Everything I do is motherfucking daring
Me and Mac thats a brand new pairing
All these ugly niggas they just be glaring
on her knees
Shawty she put up a fight
All of my diamonds on ice
Dat bitch she ride like a bike
Pairin' her up Mike and Ike (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Pairing her
of pleasure
My massive treasure
Will hit you with

Apparently Paraguay 
Prepared for perishable 
Pear paring pairings with 
Pairs of parrots parrying
and him 
Grew among many things
Mom and dad Aggrey's gone meet Dyler
Dyler stopped caring
He said fuck pairing
He was going to win and he needed nobody else
Now it's apparent
That our pairing
Was fate
Now would you care if
I kept staring
Oh, towards your way
Now we don't sweat the simple things
Show me
are the ones, and we all just feel so small
But you were pairing friends with friends and strangers with strangers at your mixer
It was all just
Love got disconnected cause now 
Yeah we ain't pairing  
Yeah I barely made it back 

You fucked me up mentally 
And I say that respectfully 
타고 출근길로 pairing
내 favorite playlist 음 그냥 pause 해
요샌 듣고 싶은 음악들이 없네 (없어)
고새 커버린 불안감 덕택
힘이 잔뜩 들어간 주먹을 푸는 on the rock

Drinkin', drinkin all night
a pity

If you're going to get the summertime blues
Lovers everywhere are pairing off two by twos
And I've been loving you for so long
You are the one
on each other
They were dancin' on the tables, howlin' at the moon
Pairing off together and pretty soon
There was not a soul in sight
When we went out last

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