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No one dares humanity
Now they mock Christainity
Vanity upon vanity
It’s paining my heart
Way that we living is paining my heart
It’s paining my
skeletons growing flesh now

Tell me where you coming from
Whose bed do you lay in
Where you plan to go tomorrow

Know its paining on the inside
If you don't wanna
You don't gotta stay with me if you don't wanna
You don't gotta lay with me if you don't wanna
I can't stand you paining me
I don't wanna hear no more of all your screaming and complaining
My ears bleeding this shit's paining
My ears bleeding this shit's paining
I don't
It heavy, it heavy, I am rolling and paining, I paining, I paining.
And you care me, why it’s all diseases. 
we just be more, restart
What you are
(You can say in the
paining rain.)
Just at the end of love,
no no no no no no......
the end of love,
no no no no no no......
once upon a time,
there was a donkey.
It was walking through the woods and it stepped over a sharp thorn.
It's paining
It's paining. I want to cry
I'm falling
I'm sprawling
I'm all in
My darling
My hearts marksmen
My hearts sparking
And paining
It's raining
I'm paining I'm paining
I'm aiming
much pain
We been through so much we still holding that pain
Still paining stillpane in my cup it's Purple Rain
I had to do it had to do it had to go
can't love again 'cause these hoes they be breakin' me
And aching me, and aching me
These bitches just be paining me
I pray to god everyday so he can take
Niggas stay mad
Don't get em too angry
They start aiming yeah
When you start to make it
They start paining yeah
I was in the basement
Tryna elevate
Paining, Its Paining, Its Paining.....

Akeli Hai Zindagi, Akela Har Lamha, Hai Tanha Tanha Mera Dil

Koi Na Tera Humsafar, Kehati Hai Raahein Tujhko Hai
Spent days and tears a paining
I know one thing for sure
I gotta find a brand new lover
And there isn't any other cure
All my low down lowly
You're paining me by breathing, babe
Your chest is always heavin'
I never thought that air could kill me
I'm sitting here just minding my business
paining me
Now you hating me but
I understand, I understand
I'm the worst person to you and your friends
You'd be better in someone else's hands
They try to cut off my energy
What thing I do why they envy me
That all that thing can be paining me
I na get money but enemy
They try to cut off my
mouth talk crazy
Laying on yo back gain nuts
Had a baby
Boot in your mouth
Swelling up now its paining
Teach you a lesson, for always talking crazy
me stronger when I was paining
Only me to convince myself when I was failing
Turn me great got them problems disappearing
Flyest nigga alive when talk
down it's aching  
Devil keep on working through my fucking head
I'm paining now I'm fading
Don't tell me that you love me when I'm fucking dead
self, self)
Mm mmm mm mmm
Personality, the fragility
This mentality is just draining me
And its paining me I just want to be
Who I'm meant to be
Not you,
the light and the paining dark

Say That You can't think of someone else
That you wanna feel me again in your arms
That you wanna touch me again
Just wanted
Find myself way
Try to modulate
My eyes watching what my mind tame
More less time can’t complaining
I will be doing all feeling less more paining
was painting
Paining I been paining shit phase me
Now I ain't even been on your mind like I'm tainted (Yeah yeah yeah)
Faking shawty faking scared
도와줘 제발
너네들의 시선도 난 너무 두려워.
나는 paranoid
그래서 나는 두 눈을 감았어
불을 켠 채로
In the paining everyday
paining everyday
이제 come in Lighting
Please come 편한 내일이
아무나 날 좀

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