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Casiotone for the P…  


my breath from me 
You're out of my reach 
You're all that I see 

Painfully beautiful, so beautiful 
It breaks my heart 
Shamefully beautiful
painfully obvious
You were hurting me
You know that I can't bear it
Still, you quit on me
Painfully obvious
You've got tired of me
You're making me delirious
feel the darkness is creeping 
On me just like a fucking stalker and I'm harboring regrets

Come and play a game with me
Can win big, or painfully 
Totally, perfectly, sparkling so bright
Awfully, dreadfully, painfully nasty inside
Totally, perfectly, sparkling so bright
Awfully, dreadfully,
you find it

Oh darling
You're so painfully lost
You're so painfully real
In a world made of plastic and steel 
Sometimes you wonder
If you could be
an heart that seemed hollow (hollow)

Secretly yearning to open the gate
To escape from your hurt and your sorrow (sorrow)
Painfully learning the cost
The things you had told me

I sit all alone and i don't know
I'll do all the things that you say so
I feel like i just wanna let go
And i'm painfully sober
painfully blissful nights
Where I get so fucking lost
No where to go
Until I meet someone like you on the road
And the hatred and fear is no more

I may truly never rap again
As my hand faithfully grabs the pen
Painfully, I stab my fem
Watch the blood ooze out, like that's the end

I'm packed
own mistakes

Let her go
I knew I had to let her go
You know it wasn't easy
It was painfully slow
But I swear I finally let her go

All of those
Once again I painfully cry
My heart turns to ice
My tears go dry
And I bathe in wine
And disaster is what I shine
When I envision yours eyes
I just
Windshield wipers
Wash away my tears for me
All this crying's got my windows foggy
How lonely can one night be
How lonely can one night be
It all ends painfully
At second 41
Think it over now
It’s only just begun
It’s always come to this
At second 41
Do you have a second
It's always come
It's something so good, so painfully chanced
It's something so good, so soulfully danced
Ooooh it's something so good, so painfully chanced

Rose petals
of a living hell
I don't feel any love
How could they shove me away?
Thought I was invincible, but I still do break
I'm not asleep, just painfully awake
pathetic and i'm painfully aware of that
I set the siren to a.m. iD awake
I take the pill to aliviate the stomachache
While Lucy is tempting me I'm dancing
kind of painfully, exotic with you
Painfully exotic

Cause you, you're the one who confuses me and I like it
You, you're the one who confuses me
deep thirst
short and out of the world
Beerdrinking Wanderer so slow
Beerdrinking Wanderer no flow
Beerdrinking Wanderer
Beerdrinkers thirst is painfully
bright day
To chock it all up doing all in the painfully perfect way

Any rains come, I'm gonna bring back a new sun
By checking ourselves at the peak
like me

'Cause everybody's here
Yeah, but if you look close you'll see
It's painfully clear, everybody's here but me

Now I look around and see
So painfully plain to us 
You're doing your duty 

Who you got there in that hood, you look so fancy in those photographs 
With your rubber
you kno love can hurt

so Love me carefully
just be true to me
love me honestly
cuz we know
sumtimes love can be done so painfully
so at the end
Was your friend
Love is the creature who lives
In the dark
Sneaks up, will stick you
And painfully pick you apart

Love is a poet, love sings
Watching it all go on and I'm watching it all go wrong 
And it's painfully clear that the battle is near 
And I wish I could just disappear. 


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