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of the innocent
Returning, time after time, to
Abdust our sacred offspring
Leaving trails of devastation,
Showing no remorse
Wicked eyes do smile
don't know if you play guitar
Or if you're a paedophile from the 70's

Cos you're a classic pervert
Dress like a classic pervert
You're a classic
day I hear the world
Is cracking up, the end is near
I hear we all should live in fear

Bullies, burglers, paedophiles
Bird flu and passive smoke
native child
You were born to paedophile
My little kewpie doll
My little china doll

Can't go back a second time
Never return to the scene
don't know what Islam that is
But in the slum you kill a innocent you got to go to hell for it
Paedophiles three years what the fuck darg
They gave my

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