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(Find a way)
(Spread my wings and fly away)
Pacing pacing pacing pace
My mind keeps racing I’m chasing you
Pacing Pacing Pacing Pace
Look at my rollie it's flicking 
Dope in my blood I'm 

Wait Wait Wait Wait Wala Why Why Wala Why 

Wala Why (Yeah) 
I'm just pacing 
I'm just
up gotta stay patient
Don't rush this baby pace it
No questions, I'm waiting
I'm pacing

I don't ever wanna act like I don't see you
Especially when
Heart racing, mind pacing, every day, of the week
Heart racing, mind pacing, every day, of the week
Heart racing, mind pacing, every day, of the week
What you ain't see the situation
I was only purposely patiently waitin
Long enough for you to get dumb
Jump the gate
And I was pacing
Whole time, you
No no, no no
Stepping by the crib
She pacing it, and nobody shows
Woah oh, woah oh
Stepping by the crib
She pacing it, and nobody shows
No no, no no
Pacing a trench from the kitchen to the room
Sitting watching clouds come from behind the moon
Having a Taylor made just dealing with the doom
too much shit all on my plate, I ain't been pacing (I ain't been pacing)
I need a few to slow my mind down now, cause
escape I guess it's ok then
Man I been anxious lately pacing patiently
Racing and awaiting for something to happen
Only find solace when I'm rapping
I been
(Racing, through my heart yeah I keep my pacing, trying not to stumble but I keep on relating 
To all the dumb things she has to say
She says she
I'd bore me
I'd bore me
I've grown old
Just pacing
Just pacing
These hands are cold
Just waiting
Just waiting
Do I really want more?
I can't seem
Sat here pacing, I doubt we'll make it
Now which excuse you making

Or is your mind too vacant, wasted
Cause of the time you was taking
Sat here
pictures in my head
How can I stop the flow of life you left for dead?

Would you please stop pacing the floor
Please stop pacing the floor
I can't sleep, I
We look back at the lasers targeting both of us
Hot bubbling pot bubbling, they're hating us
Pacing down the streets, pacing down the streets
the building shaking
Pacing pacing pacing pacing

By the bedroom window
Spying dirty eating urban birds...
Picking myself apart
Waiting for you to get home
Lately I been thinking about my friend
Wondering when I'll see you again
I been pacing back and forth
Again and again
Again and again
Again and again
Baby you in my mind, I'm pacing
Tell me do I run through yours lately
Maybe we can catch vibes, like we used to
Look baby you in my mind, I'm pacing
you've lived too long
The days drip slowly on the page
And you catch yourself
Pacing the cage 

I've proved who I am so many times,
The magnetic
So I change my search up looking for the killswitch
Whatever could stop this, whatever could stop this pain

Pacing pacing pacing don't feel free
Favor fall on me
Blessing chasing me like
Power shaking me
I will prosper alright
See them hating me
Satan pacing me like
My God fight for me
I been waiting I been patient I've been left to fend for myself
I been thinking i been pacing no one around me but myself
We been talking, we been
Now she don't really like your face
She just wanna leave a trace
And erase it
I'm not sick at all
But I'm patient
You pacing
You racing
the hall or pacing in the street
Who am I going to be
Gotta keep my eyes up like you told me
Why are the lies all I see
Waiting in the hall or pacing in
I been chasing
All my life
I been pacing
For the right time
I'm chasing
To take what's mine
Running through the jungle
Trying to make it alive


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