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to do
If you're in with the faces and their getaway places
'Cause they don't take no notice of you
Well, the trendy pace-setters will just called you
closing in on empty spaces
winners laugh too soon
a paper world with paper faces
beneath a paper moon

there's a man, a real pacesetter
akifika anatesa
Sina time ya mahater
Pacesetter, yaani like design huwezi hepa
Enkerai ee maa
Me narise am a star
Basi jiachilie leo open bar
Whine for me
Ho visto bene che la vostra musica non vende
La mia tipo pacemaker
Sono il pacesetter
Il guadagno è diventato evidente
Senza alcuna etichetta
Okay set the pace i’m a pacesetter
Just search for keeng in the net you would know better
Tell me an afrobeat rapper who you know could rap better
cherish every sip
You love that I'm pacesetter Myspace all these chain letters
You know and never do better said you know and never do better
You stunt
You know it can only get better
Coz He is a way Maker
Ndi Iye ndi zotheka
The world can be an upsetter
He's the real pacesetter
You can read His
mè kpɔ ge)
But I no fit run faster than time I no fit run faster than time (nyè gàmè vava ge)
I for make am I for pass the pacesetters
I for make am I
a dweet proper
Seh ‘till a mornin make a soundsystem play-a
Ah di bass it a make ya heart beat like a pacesetter
Neva bitter, always sweeta
Dream chaser but I am not Milly
God is my pacesetter the devil can’t trick me
He was tryna convince me
to stop bein’ the real me
Then I told him not
black belts in dumb fu
Watch, I’m gonna make records that’ll break records
Pacesetter, way ahead of all the brake checkers
Make effort to better, go
Innovators Trendsetters
Follow in the footsteps
The difference in the we
Not in I
Change my name
To Metta World Peace
Hate cannot drive out hate
to follow cause I'm the pacesetter

You are the thorns and I'm the poinsettia
Ramping it up bout to be a vendetta
Acting like you are the purist of pure but
of what you wish you had? 
I'm a carburetor 
Betta hope that I don't mix with gas 
I'm a pacesetter 
And you pussy boys are in the past
Bitch, I gotta
I think you get the gist of it
I think you just had your first taste of the first place
Pacesetter with the letters put together
Unfettered by
like a pacesetter
Counting my blessings (Counting my blessings)
Counting my blessings (Counting my blessings)
Counting my blessings (Counting my
the way I’m a pacesetter
as I learn that I’m my own pacesetter
I set the tone gotta let be known to these niggas
That I ain't nothing to pick a bone with
I'm tryna be the sixth
the worst thing years ago, getting bad school letters
We haven't yet set our eyes on a good pacesetter
On the news, nothing but protests, I am tired
While I'm the pacesetter, Oh shit I'm so fed up
That's why I keep my head up, They doing all this chatter
They gonna Make it never while I'll be

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