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to do
If you're in with the faces and their getaway places
'Cause they don't take no notice of you
Well, the trendy pace-setters will just called you
Closing in on empty spaces
Winners laugh too soon
A paper world with paper faces
Beneath a paper moon

Well, there's a man, a real pace setter
Bet'cha runnin'
I bet'cha, bet'cha I'm best that I'm better
Run with a letter
Swift as a jet or keep up with the pace setter
Sparkle like glitter
a switch a bitch pace up
A trend setter, go getta, money maker, bread winner
Dropped in 98
Had the world sayin' nan nigga

I been around
a bitch pace up
A trend setter, go getta, money maker, bread winner
Dropped in '98 had the world sayin' nann nigga

I been around the world and everybody
Off and on!  (there it is, baby pah!)  

We come with mad styles and whatever
But what else would you expect?  from a trend-setter
Huh, pick up
They sure to catch you
The vendettas, trend setters, and Benz getters
With big cheddar fellas, pay bills and just met us
The big set up, the big let
Can't be finished, what nigga I beg ya pard'
I just let niggaz get a head start
I walk to the finish, y'all spread out chase
Nah spead out pace, and I'll