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Processing brains to pabulum 
Delete and format living drives 
I tell you what's real 
Hail to the power age, lest the viral hour comes 
Raise the flag
The lies fed to you
Through and through
So take your pabulum and be done

It's all the same for everyone
Sometimes I wish I'd never met you
of a phase
Calculated drivel from empty soul parade
Pabulum for the masses, you can't dig the grave
All you ever wanted was a little peace of fame
Oh your lies
medicine can keep us numb? This predigested pabulum,
So pleasant and warm - it doesn't inform, it only gets faster.
It's even obvious to me that optimism
Should I continue on?
How long, you gonna string me along?
Time bomb, before you ring the alarm
Every second passes
Pabulum for the masses
I'm waiting
and floor-punching macho pabulum. Back to the Motor League I go. Once thought I drew a lucky hand. Turned out to be a live grenade of play-acting "anarchists"

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