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you, you gonna break
Never would have envisioned what you did to me
Overtly obvious, was I too blind to see
Was I too fixated on what we tried to be
Making me cry overtly
Waiting, rearranging
How my brain processes change rapidly
Maybe that's the way that
I will gain new escapades naturally
out by this tooty
Get out nothing to see
And I'm like overtly taking off overly
And I'm like overtly taking off overly-y-y
A poet thing
And a lot
deserve an award
My new bitch a lawyer, she overtly smart
My phone steady bangin', she hittin ignore
My clientele ringin', the block need some more
My trap
to burn altogether the want to live
Overwhelming under the vault overtly so little to give
Little planet sticky slug ball you look so frail and so vain
If you are overtly creative!

Fairies and faggots and queers are
All the best music on broadway is

Who will step forward
And end all
the lamest of lameness will thrive!"
Take it or leave it, you won't be alive,
If you are overtly creative!

Fairies and faggots and queers are
Hideous on the edge of a precipice
The cavity filled up with forgetfullness
Beyond there's no retribution only war
Her society overtly
hideous on the edge of a precipice
Their cavity filled up with forgetfulness
We know there's no retribution, no reward
Their society overtly ...
Take my hand
To the scene
I saw black and overtly

Take me to the movies
Take me where you're going
I don't want to live without you
Take me
(Fucking-A! C-I-A!)
CIA Man!

Who can be so overtly covert?
Sometimes even covertly overt.
Fucking-a man!
(Fucking-A! C-I-A!)
CIA Man!

oceans just to make waves over posers
Who claim they rode this rough road
Loners lying overtly to the public
Don't withhold this information any longer
am not overtly vain, okay (Who the fuck am I, anyway?)
Contrary to semi-popular opinion
I think i know the way

Doing a hundred-ten down archer road
You talk about the weather
Like it’s sunny when it’s raining
To you, you’re the daylight
Self-titled king of everything
Overtly mansplaining
internal torment
Every action equally apathetic
Depressing, overtly manic
Held within in the grasp of despair

Watching from the sidelines, as his mind slips
Our junk stays still till we're mothers
Fathers, or laying breathless
You bet we're proud and I'll be red while
I'm overtly still inside of her
A plea bargain
I know that nothing is overtly concealed

We broke a lot of stuff
And drove off into the night
I'm gonna run to you
Bathe in new moonlight
everything that rhymes is absolutely true
Don't cry hearing my onion on you you
Overtly clueless with all you're doing
Never pursuing, we're just reviewing
overtly too over all this
"Cool like 'burr', I flew like bird"
It's so stupid your, uh, tool don't work
I could rule your world with two excerpts
This a new
how hip hop seems
Overly saturated I
Overtly sat and waited
For an opportunity
For my
Overly dedicated self
I'm not rapper I'm a singer who raps
special, think you're something
Well, I'm just Cody, currently overtly dangerous ya feel
Ay, think that you're running the game, boy you're just running your
My presence denotes
An era of some new emcees
Been hearin' a lot people
Talking about how hip hop seems
Overly saturated I
Overtly sat and waited
be done 
I'll fease a feat

I've gone through hell, unlike winter fell
It forze over
I still came back, and I came to attack
I rose overtly
Fuck what
breathe, fuck em currently how I'm feelin
And I must ain't got it, cause mos certainly I ain't trickin
But I think she goin surely and overtly so I'm tempted

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