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Waiting room patient
Holidaying on a cruise
Stay-in vacation
Holidaying in a room

Overstay a week or two, what would you?
Overpay a drink or two,
Just overpay for beer, then I get to yell and cheer
Cuz the naked ladies love me

Some guys like the movies, I think that's real lame
Some guys like
we still believe
It's all a disenchantment by the sea
We want it all, we overpay
We get it all, make your call

Death to the future
A world so sad
faces and your
Brainless gazes and you're
(Waiting and your waiting)
Overpay us with your
Champagne foreplay and your
Cocaine runway and you're
Running out of options
Overtime no overpay
You can count my profits
You can count it all damn day
Who is ElKo
I am he
Cruisin down with my AMG
a three-point (yeah), boom goes the dynamite (uh-huh)
I make it look easy, call it lemonade (lemonade)
Only counting K's, yeah, that's every day, overpay
your server
Look back and overpay the whole amount


My friends we're all potential rumors
Know now that nothing in the future's firm
protect the dealer
Underpay the teacher
Overpay the healer
Rob you with the lawyer
Fuck you with the handgun
Throw you in the lineup
Then arrest the wrong
flight and miss you too, boo
First class seats is overrated
Won't go 'less they overpay us
Nowadays I'm overdatin'
My dick is strict for procreation
And a ghost in the machine
They police the crack fiend
But protect the dealer
Underpay the teacher
Overpay the healer
Rob you with the lawyer
Fuck you
Submit the great arcade to study underwraps
And overpay, for blood from a stone age
The 8-bit son of man, he printed up his boarding pass and ran
and Killa
Man I had them niggas on replay
Just run through my tracks
There's nothing but facts
I overpay tax like a rebate
Hope you listening close
I can show
to over-pay
And if these clouds would go away
I'd turn my eyes so I could see

Cuz she's my
My sunshine
Teeth stained in red wine
She keeps me at low tide
blow and shit I dont deny
Thy Young we be making these hits till we're old and gray
Till we out worth the market lek them overpay
We overprayed
a sleeper, your shit boring, damn it must be time for bed
I make the dough I get bad bitches, my latest goal to get mad riches
Overpay the ho now that's bad
Depreciation is real most definitely So don't overpay on your bill there's a collection fee
So many fables have been written round my authors table
The Candles
whenever I'm writing
It's nothing like it
I've outgrown a lot of things
Overcame a lot of change
For every moments that they overpay
Expect my ways
I rather
know I'm undeserving
I humbly serve, I'm a servant 
Better a servant than a slave
Faithfulness overpays 
In Jesus Christ I've raised 
I've put to death
that the hard way
Probably still fuck
Then go hit the highway
But for cheap pussy
Yea I will never overpay
I will never overstay
She want me
She want my
wouldn't translate
You have to overpay to receive the rebate
You can't ruin what was wrecked in the first place
You've got to get going to be able
me, I'm in her deep as the sea
I'm in a league with just me, we in a league of our own, you'll overpay for a seat
I passed up shots for too long so now
guard him
Fan base, wanna start him
But that scouting report caution
Don't overpay at the auction
Like can he handle the stardom
And GM's offer opinions
Yeah I'm spending bread so reckless
Stuff the void with diamond necklace
Shit I overpay for breakfast
But I fought to eat this shit 
Busted hard
and know the way
Act in an act and a role to play
Captivate and overpay
Packing your bag and go away
A nose cocaine and novocaine
This ain't synthetic this

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