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little spaces
And you may think you have your own little bit
But you can't stop shit from overlapping
'Cos in every little piece of every little part
What do you see
Looking at me
Goat joke
Or in between
Gotta make that needle lean
Gotta tap in
Getting to the cream
Gotta make it happen
I wanna know do you be gettin cold when it snow
Do you still be gettin high when you low
I been movin fast everything is movin slow now
ayer sentí no queda nada,
Es difícil admitirlo pero es la realidad,
Escúchame, yo contigo ya no encuentro la alegría,
(overlapping) Ya lo pensé,
Zoom, I do the dash on these boys
& they cannot keep up, overlapping these boys
I stay with a 30 I ain't cappin' lil boy
All my niggas strapped up,

When I get right, I'm standing under you
Overlapping when you're checking the time
Through the microphone and through
a day behind 
Up all night feelin' stupid 'n' happy 
But the days are overlapping 
My days are overlapping

I'd start a revolution
If I could get up
far away (far across the sea) I can hear you calling me (My Stella's calling me)

(Wanya overlapping: Stella, Stella)

Destiny controls the air (no
far away (far across the sea) I can hear you calling me (My Stella's calling me)

(Wanya overlapping: Stella, Stella)

Destiny controls the air (no
moment that matters at all

So won't you stay here with me
And we'll build until we've blistered our hands

This will be
play with a titan today, just to expect all that action
I swear my life isn't really the same, 'til we started overlapping (Do it again Laj World)
A winter chill
I can't say that it's over now
Let's just pray the spare
Gets us up the mountain
Overlapping with the words
Of a country boy
live when we are parted?
I will join these people's heros
I will follow where they go
I will learn their little Secrets,
I will
appearance for that common sheep

Chorus*Aesop overlapping Illogic, fading in and out of each other*
[Aesop Rock]
Platforms have been erected
mami, porque te van a robana

[Angie Martinez - overlapping Chorus]
Uhh, uhh, uhh, yo yo, yo
Bubble heavy in the club, double Henne' in
like overlapping ghosts. Just like overlapping ghosts.

I let the wheel give a little to the wind and the daylight was a nightmare. I told her how you
Just don't think I'm out of practice (Damn)
I ain't behind no curve
I been busy overlapping
'Member I was getting curved
Now I use them for distractions
Do it constantly
It's like it's every single day
I just be overthinking
Go cray
Just call me overthinking
Not Ray
I just be overlapping when I'm
overlapping niggas everyday
Yeah I knew when I saw her face that would be my wild bae
She a
Wild bae wild bae she so fucking wild
Hold me down babe hold me down
While all These feelings keep on overlapping
I know it's kind of blinding
When you starring in the future That's why we choose to
Focus on the past tense
tragic jit caught em lacking
Pursuing my passion I'm running the pack
And I'm overlapping drink In my cup overflowing
Losing sight I can't lose track
Overlapping memories
Is this the end or a new beginning?

It's what you will find
Every time
It's what you will find

Let go!

Don't make it so hard to find
the page
Yeah, my city is the hunger games
Change your ways
Yeah, this life is not a race
You just move it at your pace
Now watch
I'm overlapping niggas
I'm in a race to that money overlapping
Never stop at red lights we can't lack in traffic
Go straight to the bank and you know a nigga laughing

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