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System error overheating
The electric heart is bleeding
System error overheating
It's Bleeding
My machine
So bad, it makes me want to cry
I can feel it
A burning heart unstuck in time

Now I'm a solar flare, now I'm that light that rages
So bad, it makes me want to cry
I can feel it
A burning heart unstuck in time

Now I'm a solar flare, now I'm that light that rages
to run the town
Bitches on the sideline crying
Sad making fucking frowns
Bitch I'm hot overheating
Like a radiator
Active like Sada
So they call me
Aye, sober me, overheating, I got shit to do
No to drinks, sitting alone, cause I got shit to prove
Keep it loose, 808 beats, instead of pounding
Sleepless, laying in my bed 3 A.M
I don't need rest
Got me Overheating in my sheets
Call it heat death
Losing my emotions I just really need a reset
about the other
New releases getting my lips wet
Our bodies overheating
Now you got me dreaming
Of you and me in my bed
Feeling of the rhythm taking over
Things I go through and do
To get to where I wanna go to

Put a lot of miles on my mind yo
Overheating cause it stay in overdrive yo
These walls up
I'm going crazy, I'm feeling hazy
Drunk of the time of my life
I'm overheating as my heart's bleeding
Jealousy flooded in wine
I'm going crazy, I'm
There's boys I like better but there's no regrets

Girls, girls, wanna feel it
Hearts pumping, overheating
Girls, girls, live and breathe it
Wanna get you on the floor
My body is overheating
Everybody knows you should go slow
But something is calling me deeper
Could you overlook I’m
it away from me

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Season's Greetings
School's out for summer and we're all overheating
Santa can stay at home and I'll
Lookin at my heart, want this shit to stop beating
Get the feeling that I might be overheating

See my vision I aint never be stressin
Got the whole gang,
Oh I can't believe what I'm keeping
you cross the line I can feel my blood overheating
and oh I'm loaded and about to blow like a timebomb
overheating I got the coolent here
God or the devil I don’t know who to fear
People run over me I think I’m too sincere
You’re so confused don’t know what to do
My mind is over-heating
Reality is altering

This is the end, end of the rope
Absolutely lost
Which way to go?
Afraid of the fall

No path seems
Isolated within our minds
We're overheating
Strength is depleting
What's next my thoughts are racing over this
This is the reason
I'm slowly
I'm mentally defeated, there's nothing I can do
My head is overheating  am waiting for the boom
My heart is up in peaces and they all over the room
breathing always in my zone but never overheating
Sheeeeeh uh-huh
I'm on some scary shit outside late at
Night party's going down cause
I'm in town so
grip ill be alright
Been foggy but now for me its a clear sight
Mind like a cpu overheating all these sleepless nights ay
Overheating all these sleepless
right for you
I can love you too

Spilling your secrets when we're alone
I'm under your mind control
Body's overheating
Sweating on me
I'll get you wet
be me
All these L's they end up seeing 
Overloading, overheating
All these girls they start to notice
Fuck 'em all I'm keeping focus
Guap where primary
Warning! Core overheating! Meltdown imminent! Evacuate the facility immediately!
Warning! Core overheating! Meltdown imminent! Evacuate the facility
body lead me on 

My heart is beating 
My mind is overheating 

Impatiently waiting 
To fulfill my cravings  
Lets go investigating 
Your lips, how they

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