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Overdose, overdose, overdose, overdose
Overdose, overdose, overdose, overdose

I went into overdrive, you tried
To kill me, take my life
Loving you just
does the astro
Maybe Tesla does the astro
Maybe Edison is AC/DC

I'm walking down the street, late at night.
Jack the ripper
Jack the ripper.
I'm in my vibratory by day

Leaving you with shocks

This old man
He played one
He be AC/DC all night long
With a short-circuit kilowatt ? fuse
All American neighborhood
All American neighborhood

Overdose, see the dead man for a guy
Before my pussies death, Oxycontin
No future, no job,
Whatever you want
I got it by the dozen
I got it by the pound
Gimme a call
I'll bring it round

It don't look so good
In black and white
Take a knife and stab
What already feels dead
And then make some wine from tears
That will fill the cup blood red
Blood red
Fatal overdose
Suicide, Suicide
Suicide, Suicide

The key lies under your skin
Your thoughts are governed by the Ruler
The Ruler dies - you take revenge
Suicide -
alone again, again 

I can see a liar, sitting by the fire
Trouble in his heart, laughing at the thought
Coming as he goes into overdose
I wonder
[originally by AC/DC]

Stand up and be counted
For what you are about to receive
We are the dealers
We'll give you everything you need
All hail

And Now It's Time

Concrete Shoes
Pay Your Dues
Special Concrete Shoes

An Overdose
Mixed In My Drink
I Found The Bottle
By The Sink
And Now You're
Originally performed by Verbal Abuse
Disintegration you bastard
I've done overdose it doesn't mean shit
One time what about you it doesn't bother me
Well, I was rollin' by myself, went down to Memphis, Tennessee

and I was lookin' for a guy who had a mullet and no teeth

and I was trippin'
the limit is so close
The yearn for the limit is too strong
Body and soul poisoned by speed overdose
And I know that I must go on at, oh ...

Pace till
they pass by
Tortured tormented raw terrorfied
Mass of shitfire overdose
Hellchasms yawn wide
And belch soul death
A cut across my throat comes
Death is near
Need the drugs
Poisoned blood
Transfuse death
Transfix the veins

By a shot
Makes you dead
A funeral
to come clean
Got intervened by dream that was sweet
With a three-sixty degrees turn on the globe
And now you got me runnin' around my area code.

to come clean
Got intervened by dream that was sweet
With a three-sixty degrees turn on the globe
And now you got me runnin' around my area code.

near you I wouldn't be far from you

I've got a feeling you know what you did




DC Bag (2x)

Time to put your money
you can't stop
Cause it feels like an overdose
(Feels like an overdose)

Evacuate the dance-floor
I'm infected by the sound
Stop this beat is killing me
Get some pain and I feel alive born to end 
Close my eyes overdose on hell born to end 
Get run over by no direction born to end 
Breathing dead
I got a little bit of hope
Like a soap on a rope 
Sweeter than sour 
Gettin' thinner by the hour 
Fallin' fast and I'm runnin' out of gas

Soon they all will say 
You need to be put away 
I'm getting fucking close
Dying by an overdose

No one knows, I do coke
I do smack, I do
I heard, I heard a sound a poundin' music and I knew all what that I need
The kind that grabs ya by your shirt collar shakes you up like AC/DC

(AC/DC cover)

Ridin' down the highway
Goin' to a show
Stop in all the by-ways
Playin' rock 'n' roll
Gettin' robbed
Gettin' stoned
Gettin' beat up
and raise the hell up
A microphone overdose, too much dope
Some suckaz choke but I hope they all croak
This is The you-N-H-O-L-why
No need for applause 'cause