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Hell is still overburdened
I must stand and wait in line
I may never know for certain
When will be my time
How was I considered evil?
Pleasures taken
Hollow Vessels roaming these empty streets
Seeking for the why and wherefores
Overburdened by despondency

Heavy is the burden
Of this cross they
breath, and overburdened step
Through the torture hall of unwanted life
There's nothing left but a hollow shell of my self
I am the ghost that death has
It's time I sling the baskets off this overburdened horse
Sink my toes into the ground and set a different course
'Cause if I were here and you

Overburdened, underwhelmed, their ethical decree
That's your moral compass but what good is it to me?

I can't see the rationality
Overburdened, underwhelmed, their ethical decree
That's your moral compass but what good is it to me?

I can't see the rationality
The world's not my
Overburdened, all are yearning
The promise to land come again
Once filled with pride, alive inside
Fire coming, father's glory
His son upon the throne
His glory
closing in
Leave it all behind I'm breaking from within
Can't tell me why the earth is crumbling
I'm calling S.O.S come save me from my sin

Overburdened is
Truth is a simple game
The harbour is overburdened
But we're in the land of checks and sums
You can't just turn the ships away
So don't be shaken
And it's time I know
It won't be long

I remember the good times
The good and the bad
Overburdened in my head
And I'm never going back.

It'd be so much
Mentally overburdened
Lost in this sea of sands
Confused against myself
Can you give me the pleasures?
Just a little piece
I just bath in it
If you behave yourself
Inside imperfect circles
Around the carousel
Until you're overburdened
Keep from revealing these
Holes upon our monument
When the lock is on the open door
My people outside screaming
When the poison starts to hurt
Overburdened by the work
When I try to sleep but when I
I'm feeling overburdened
I'm crying for your help oh God
So many signs man I feel like going right 
But I'm weakened to the left oh God
Through these
I ain't been loving myself
I'm doing what I'm supposed to but I could care less
Overburdened stress but I can't rest
I gotta put them in the studded
outputted into the universe
Give the angel on the shoulder a kiss
Ask her to put herself first
Guilt overburdened if any fault could be placed on him
Was it
the goal, overburdened from the pace
Facing it bold, taking control
Try to get away can’t escape from the hold
Life time enrolled, embedded in your soul

Said it gets better that's up for debate
Swear that some days I just need my space
Chamber loaded but it shot a blank
Say I'm a hero but I don't
Our justice: imminent

Our violence: overdue

Circuit board

Too many lights
Too many fires
Too many pyres

We stumble on
'Til they buried me
Will you marry me?
Here is everything...
I will not attribute my heart to another
Failing, overburdened being
I will be the proof
organizations like ALEC
Their intent is to profit from the minorities imprisoned
Leaving many families broken and overburdened
The youth of these families become
all down
Before I take a step back
I'm overburdened with grief
I wonder if I could feel regret
[Spoken Intro]

You feel overburdened under your problems 

and feel like trapped in your own imagination. 

Realising that there are always new
suffering times 
Circles under my eyes
Overburdened my days
Well maybe I'm over the wounds
Never take me over when relived

So many times again
Brings back my

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