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of things, yeah
I got to maintain, cuz my family needs better then this, yeah
Outwork the work that im doing
Outwork whatever thats moving
Outwork the option
go beep
Still breakin' down whole thangs with Young Three
Won't let a fuck n**** outwork me
And I ain't coppin' shit if it ain't dirt cheap
Won't let
Big den shit baby
Talk to me
I can’t let these pussy ass niggas outwork me
Sticks and stones may hurt I pray these demons never curse me
Did it on my
just meet me half way 
All I want is for you to come over and work this out(work this out)with me. 

What's wrong with me, why can't I do right 
can work out--work out--work

Cold steel rollin' down the track--big wheel gonna break your back
Love's not an easy thing--love'll show ya everything
I'm from, California, it's made me a harder worker
Than the peers I compete with, watching me outwork them
I'm from, California, Cali, California
When it come to the funds
Y'all need a lesson
Y'all been acting real funny
Let get back to the money
Think you gon outwork me
But you can't see me, sonny
it takes just meet me half way 
All I want is for you to come over and work this out(work this out)with me. 

What's wrong with me, why can't I do
that holds me down
'Cause I know we can work it out(work it out)
Talk it out(talk it out), stick it out(stick it out)
Everytime I try to leave
I could hop out the side
Put the whip into drive
You’re as dead as alive if you step to me
I pop out at the section
Outwork em i’m flexing
Mississippi White
Ain't no California shade
And stunted, pale skin pride
You know ain't True Northern grade

You've got to outwork the devil to lead
outwork ya  mustang money
Focus on your future and you gon get it
I hustle 'cause I'm worth it mustang money
Yall talk while i outwork ya  mustang money
the shit that get me through
You can’t outwork me nigga
I got too much to fucking prove
My momma
She 57
Gramma 80 something too
Feel like I’m fighting
making plays from the house
I’m just tryna outwork the bosses
Life’s a bitch so I fuck her til she fuckin nauseous
Normally I’m blowing tree
Til my eyes
outwork, dedication and devotion
Best part of, hitting rock bottom, is the bounce back, knowing that the top is where you going
Came back, taking back what's
I think that I'm Sean Corey
I'm feeling like Sean Combs
I'm knowing you can't outwork me
I'm bouta own 5 homes
I'm knowing they can't outwork me
young OTIS, remember the name, yeah

We gone light a flame to a whole new game
I was, taught make money, forget all the fame
I'mma outwork you, born
I got my head on a swivel

If you play wing back, slot end, or receiver
You got to outwork your opponent or you won't receive a
Pass from
it out (AS DESIRED)
L: He'll work it out (CAN AD-LIB) 
C: Work it out...Work it out...Work it out...He'll work it out 
could work(Could)
Things out(Work it out)
Well I still believe that
That we'll make amends
There's one thing for certain
We could use some happiness
know that we could
And it just might seem(Seem) 
Alittle farfetched(Far)
That we could work(Could)
Things out(Work it out)
Well I still
Work it out,work it out
Keep it real
We gotta find a sanctuary
Flip into the 21st century
Keep it real and lose the fakes
Learn all your
boy (hold up)

Can't no nigga outwork me, this bitch off a Fergie
I made me more hits than that young nigga Bergie
Up thirty for thirty, I'm up
and I'ma pop mine
I got my team on my neck, it's loyalty and respect
See, I'm bout mine
Outwork a nigga till it's clock time
Get yours, don't clock mine

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