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ナル タラ ヘバヨ イロッケ
step by step なら変えちゃえば
飛び跳ねるよ じゃ up in the sky
もっと高く ついて来てよ
I got that thang thang,
if you know what I mean
Test, test, yeah

Check test, yeah
Wu-Banga strangler
Whether describin facts or interrupted by quotes
Cease the bullshit, rely on volts
Yo, yo, yo Steve, turn the mic on
Do a little outro and shit
Mike WiLL Made-It
Ear Drummers
Ransom: Releasing All New Songs
Retaliation is a must
I'm keepin' it gutter bra
Anybody talkin' shit, yeah I'm runnin' up on ya
Banga keep it by my side
Hundred stacks don't fold right
rendered obselete 
Just a relic at their feet 
Not cold enough - too human 

The doomsday machine 
Created by man 
Like a black dawn rising
to bed
Cause I'm the last real thing you've got
You're cursed by all ambitious thoughts
Is that all you've got?"

As for you you spin a story 
He was larger than life
He penetrated the roof of your car with a spike
Trained by an insane ex marine
CIA trained a renegade assassin android
Is fallin to the flames of my rap incinerators

I'm afraid I got some bad news for crews 
By the twos son it's hard like booze so don't snooze
time, and yesterday's now history
Outro silence, and I'm on deck alone

Participating inside of this mutiny
Our ship's been hit by less than a mystery
club banga
Inna Canada dem a request inna di Carabana
Represent fi di evenin' and Caribbean
Nuh reach haters a we past scanna
Yuh nuh give a fuck why
Then test Tical
All up in ya muthafuckin' mouth
Head banga boogie
Catch me on tour with Al Doogie
Method Man roll too tight, you can't fool me
So whether you bangin' for crip or blood
You better bang for somthin' young thug
'Cause you'll get banged on not by bangas

But by Johnny Law
like yourself man
So whether you bangin for crip or blood
You better bang for sumthin young thug
'Cause you'll get banged on not by bangas
But by
Black Walt told me if you wanna bonafide banga
You gotta start with a hard ass kick and a snare (yea)
Add some dope ass music around and a hard MC
it has been along
We cannot sit by and see conscience become history
So come on, get up and dance
Dance this dance with me

(Gonna keep on dancing,
He should meditate up on being up to blocked 
By arrows, rifles, spears and swords
Being carried away by surging waves
Being thrown in to the midst
There comes a time when we must sip the wine

I can tell by lookin ... that you're not mine girl
I believe everything I told you was true
There's a child
I do a wave by myself
Its very easy to mistake a mountain for a grain of salt, I know
In my opinion, though, I found heaven isn't possible, alone
you by your neck
And give your neck a tongue lash
I need a woman that's compatible with this man
I want a woman who can wear lingerie and keep
fight the sky with a lightning rod
I'm riding high by the grace of god
I know the names of the men and dives
I've heard the claims of their tortured
raised in the zoo where niggas never played by the rules
Some nigga tried to play me back in high school
I fucked around and made the news
I never been
upon who you call
I am like a scarecrow alone in the distance
G                                          D
close by, there are those who would see
gang, die for connect gang 

Throw up spot slang, watch and let my nuts hang 

Down with the 1-O, meet me in the jungle 

Fly, gettin high by
They kill me
Another one will rise from the gutter motherfuckers


We always in the struggle
Making those Wu-Banga's
We hang like hangers
I like it when it's pumpin'.
(repeat x4)

Outro by JD:
If you got a groove that you like and you like it a lot,
Pump it up, pump it up.
You know