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Phatz Bossi


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to bed
Cause I'm the last real thing you've got
You're cursed by all ambitious thoughts
Is that all you've got?"

As for you you spin a story 
time, and yesterday's now history
Outro silence, and I'm on deck alone

Participating inside of this mutiny
Our ship's been hit by less than a mystery
I'm a one hand clapping machine
My parents say I'm a natural
But no one knows it but me
B/c I can't do it when anyone's around!
I'm happy
I need a strong woman
To match a catch on any fishnet on the street
Or even inter-net
Secretary, I be the boss
Hundred dollar dinner's on me
I never get to where I'm supposed to be
G                  D
you are a diamond, I am a drifter
A                                      D
the Pound, Gz Up, Hoes Down



Hell yeah, YaknowhatI'msayin?
This is stricly for the Gz, yeah
Fuck that bitch
Niggaz alwayz be
poison pride
And force you to the light
Crusty creeps will plague you
As you try to sleep at night
Try to sleep at night
Try to sleep at night

(b. verse
everyday a different whip
Different bricks flipped different trip shut ya fuckin lips
Don't be a rat nuttin worse that dat

Its the return
one through and through
You're the devil but you're also an angel

I feel in a devil of a mood
Be installed by the devil
We get hot
Mon diable je
pertains to those who remain
Down with the real not wealth or the fame
Peace out, we`ll be back, stay tuned...

Please stay tuned
Well, I am lost, so won't you come and take me by the hand.
I am afraid, so won't you come and take me by the hand.
Don't be tempted, you have to be strong

We all know someone, who has had a bite
Taken out of them by, somebody else's spite
It happens every
It's so damp... and cold... in here, could this be the home of fear
There's something in the dark, that should be left alone
As if it had a grave
I feel like the whole worlds lost its base
I'm clapping at the beast by taking the cannon off my waist
Sing along

[Chorus 2x]

[Outro : Killah
even got the life support
Machines shook to keep you breavin
I'm beef increasing, bees season
You can peep my 8 by 10 photos
In the 1-20 prison
to the wishes of his kind, but stressful mother, 
to remain living in poverty, and be persecuted by many? 
The alternative is to take a road into crime
a plan.
And jam your fuckin fist and fuckin grab the kid. Pull it out by it's leg it's your only chance.
You wanna be the only man with a new born? (huh?)
Plex on the K.B., son, you get shiz-not
Right in your hiz-ead, you'll be diz-ed
Don't front on this nigga, I'mma from New York Ci-zey!
Ya'll butter
okay, I guess it's my fault
Westside shorty, with an eastside nigga
They say it's levels to this shit, I'm a G5 nigga
And every city I be in, you know
the Maybach I ride
Through the streets of the westside, I slap five
And throw dubs, show love, nigga


(Be easy)
What it is pimp?
isn't listening
To me"
And would rather be

In a Jar
With no breathing holes
How can good intentions be so GROSSLY misunderstood
[Intro/Outro: repeat 2X ]
 Foul cats scheamin up the setup 
 Tryin to leave me and my cream wet up 
 Two in the head leaded up 
right, I am gonna be okay
I say hey that's all right, I'm gonna be okay
Woh hey, that's alright, I'm gonna be okay

Oh yeah

[Chorus 1:]
What's goin' on, it's a Friday night
Haven't any ideas but I hoped I might
Be out in the club not all
Cause I know one day, you could take me away, far away
I know you could pay all the money you make
There'll be plenty of sunshine

I never

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