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an outsider. Outcast. I'm a 1-Up walkabout riding a wave to impasse
Always outplay, outmatch. Outlast the insider. I'll outscore, outclass

This is what it feels
You walk like you outmatch me ten to one
You throw me your best line 
But girls just want to have fun
Your attitude is sure respectful
But I hate
But broom stick boredoms can't outmatch me
Longpig skin stretchers can't outlast me
Bumble body busy bee's can't out-task me
Never relaxing inside smoke
comes they gon have to bury me in mask and gloves
Been top 5 aint body can outmatch me
Classy button up shirt with the flashy
She sassy like a nigga
culo yeah you bro
When compared to us I swear they move slow
Yeah that's true a dynamic duo
We can outmatch any rapper you know
Money on the track Vince
habits will never outmatch the way she'll talk to you  

Something you should know is she loves the word growth 
Smoothies and songs that hit deep
copies can't outmatch the godly
That's Kawasaki vs a Harley
Hardly apt to dance with titans from an African horizon
Sun might rise again
Jokers need
Running in circles
Chasing the truth
34 hours a day spent loving you
O Y love backwards seems evol
I pray that's never owt su
Nothing can outmatch
outmatch him I say "baby take it slow" yeah yeah
Sit yo ass down in the backseat
I keep it lit, so don't try to outmatch me
Keep it runnin' on a hundred like athletes
I don't give a fuck about
Show that ass, gimme that look, is you invitin'?
I could outmatch all that you took if you about it, hey!
I don't know if you the one because
the successful result of a system in which consideration is reserved only for wealth. This is where we get when we think we can trounce the warning signs, outmatch
got more pity
For all the apes you've got trapped up in your city!
My intellect will outmatch you in any dispute
While you are nothing more than
Sink ya whole world like Atlantis
I'm so Fiery boy you can't outmatch it
Blasting till my foes all vanish
Laser beams turn ya gens into ashes
for me red lights ain’t no stop signs
Let your heart be your guiding light (guiding light)
No maps can outmatch what you feel inside
Only stars are
don't believe me they can try and stop me
I'm Prophet boy, its not the money but the message
Been out classing most, my words known to outmatch ya'

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