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Out in the fields
The full moon is rising
Enlightens the name on our shields
Blessed with pride

Steel on our side
We're horsemen of thunder
To *'Stand By Me'
Like Ben E. King said
The rest of my life

Baby! Baby!

It's too (late)
You're too late to wake up
(It's too late to wake up)
Six pallbearers, six feet deep nigga
No insurance you been sitting six weeks nigga
Big 40 knock you right up out your sneaks nigga
Young kings, all
like emeralds, check out the ski mask
King Tut's nephew gave it to me for three bags

Of heron, Don Baron, sniff a bag of blow
Fifth out, runnin' up in
'll come through, tuxedos on with the gold llamas
Priceless like emeralds, check out the ski mask
King Tut's nephew gave it to me for three bags
want to crib me, way out in the country 
I'm city like street lights and some games that be fights 
Never worked on my left so it's hard to be right
Emerging from the center of the earth
Willing and able to take control
Of all unfinished situations
By leading the out-casted souls
To the power
Luther King
And still the train rolls forward over history's rugged trail
Straightening by the journey and the land beneath her rail
And you and I roll
chop the fuck out the beats left on the shelf
You be like 'Hello Nasty, where you been?'
It's time you brought the grimy beats out the dungeon
I jumped
You could still feel chills from the team
On 118, my nigga Ben fly by like it's a dream
His face on his Shirt Kings
Laced in a pinky ring, in
filled with a torpor
And fell into a dream of his own

From the geometry of his heart he mapped it out
He saw the King rise, fitted with armor
it, let 'em in
The king of England woulda left us alone
If he saw Jessica Simpson eat an ice cream cone

Teeny bikinis, red, white and blue
A tattooed madman, I am hell on wheels 
Born a wicked child left alone in the fields 
My father was the wind, my mother was fire 
Raised by
And she watches the ship disappear for the length of a sigh
And the maker of rhymes onthe deck who is going to die
In the corner of some foreign field
The cause is Ozymandian
The map of Sapokanikan
Is sanded and bevelled
The land lone and levelled
By some unrecorded and powerful hand

Which plays
For an older woman's well banked fire
By the left hand I was led
To the place that we would make our bed
And embracing in the blue moonlight
Awaking the Centuries
In the books of what will be
Written by the demon lord?
Never lift your head up to the east
'cause darkness wakes the best!
the truth
Since Turn Out the Lights from the World Class Wreckin Cru
I'm still at it
In the home of drive-by's and ak-matics
to strain your eyes
Got to the corner, hit a left, seen the HPD
That's when I knew that they were after S-p-i-see-e
Turned up my music and dashed, goin'
fitting in its way
He was a carpenter by trade
Or at least that's what I'm told

My killed hands tattooed E.V.I.L.
across it's brother's fist
hand me down I had was inherited head lice
But nothing's more bugged out as my head size, I live twice
E'ery day, one for the body of Martin Luther
time on the mic
To play
I write rhymes
With addition and algebra
Mental geometry
Don't even come at me
Talk'n that weak and
Popin' that bullshit
Get out
of blood left for dead 
the pain starts to spread now I can't feel my legs 
I meet doctor who at King Drew medical center 
as I enter I see you 
he said
And pulled a gypsy switch
Out on the edge of Potter's Field

Made MC's sprout tumors so bad, lost facial features 

Waste your peoples, left out in the rain, fountains of pain 

Eighty shots

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