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before he was near anything like that again.

They put his cradle on the ??? near the door,
So the folks downstairs could hear him when he fell out
before he was near anything like that again.

They put his cradle on the ??? near the door,
So the folks downstairs could hear him when he fell out
I Thought
Written By Bryan Ferry & Brian Eno
I thought - you'd be my streetcar named desire 
My way - my taste of wine 
I thought - you'd be that
like a wheat field.

A lot of the boys shouted out a commentary 
And some of the girls did too. 
It didn't bother me and I like the films. 
We all
of America]
[By the people]
[By the people]
Luke (being interviewed):
"The show in Hollywood, that was for 21-and-over people, they had police
Out there,
of America]
[Government of the people]
[The United States of America]
[For the people]
[The United States of America]
[By the people]
[By the people]

in line, baby
Hanging on by a thread
I got things to do, I got no time for you
But I just can't get you out of my head

You had guys buzzin' around you
with you; 
       I get hard after seeing you
       How hard?  Hard like a rock, 
       When you make that pussy pop!

Chorus(2x):  Luke
Pop that
of this life of mine
You see, the lady I choose must like to cool
In a freak's cut bikini by the pool

Havin' good times, that's what we'll be doin'
Muthafucka, sometimes, you feel like a nut

That's what you do
What we got here, uh, check it out
Here's another one, uh, uh
Verse 1:  Fresh Kid Ice
I'm sittin' by the pool, thinkin' 'bout some women
Wishin' that we all could be swimmin' 
Then the Poison Clan bought some
'Cause Ghetto has the style that has the girls jockin'
When you talk about the system, all you say is "Rockin'!"
Others hear the name, then scream out
as a rock
So shake ya booty, girl, smack the devil and raise the flag
And let Marquis bless and watch that ass!

Damn, Mixx, get yo' face out that
Has got the union at his throat and he's running out of time 

So blow the man down boys 
Yeah blow the man down boys 
And the tricks that he
Cause I did it my way

Nights bright like Vegas
The life of girls and gold is so contagious
I been cold
Took the C,O, double M road
Hangin' out
They call you fat and lazy, your commentary crazy
They photoshop your face on a box of McCormick gravy
And now that inner voice, the ego, making you
And he walked for a mile in the ticker tape
The mayor smiled while Alvin prayed
"Sir, I'd like to ride that subway train"
Shimmers on film like
as long as you're livin' under their roof
You better mind your mouth, or get Dad's boot
It's the simples thing that they ask of you
Like mow the lawn
she ate it like food (tramp)
Then she noticed the limp and the whip
Recognize game, you've been pimped by a pimp
Throw all that trick shit, out
alone you might want to gimme some 
Then here I go creepin' in your window
Bend that ass over and I'ma fuck you like a dirty hoe 
You know I'm pimpin'
is longer than the hat worn by Dr. Seuss
Love a girl in Daisy Dukes like them kids called Duice
Gets paid to sex the hoochie like my main man Luke
a mule, many years ago
And my master treat me cruel, many years ago
By by was sick, so I moved to a kick, 
So I took out a stick , laid it back across my
me cruel, a many years ago.
By and by I was sick, couldn't move to his kick, so he took out a stick
And hit it right 'cross my back to an almighty
Especially now that I'm (old) 

And they're 45 with husbands who don't like their wives 
3 or 4 kids, make enough to survive 
In their paper mill jobs
die with my brothas
Drive by pull a homicide with my brothas
We fight amongst each other, but we ride together
And soak up all the game that Gotti