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lady's persistent
For instance, she watches me from a distance
And if I walk by and I forget to say hi
She pushes up on me and rubs me with her thigh
she said
"Only a lad. You really can't blame him."
"Only a lad. Society made him."
"Only a lad. He's our responsibility."
Oh, oh, oohh oh oh oh
Without great grandmother there's no me
Without grandmama there's no me
Without ma momma there's no me
Dem ladies made our family tree
Because I love
the wire
And me and the lads were all defaulted
And straight away upon fatigues were led
To double at our every duty
With our rifles held obove our heads
pork pie
Limos and ladies they're driving him queasy
Rugby and cricket's unknown
Baseball and football they're making him lazy
Your fan club says
Said our lady has a message for mankind
Frightened and bewildered, not making any sense
Dazzled by the virgin in her radiance

People from
or at preachin', nae wooin', nae fleecin',
 The flowers of the forest are a' wede away. 

5. Dool for the order sent our lads to the Border,
 the English for
be questioned at the station
By a good cop, bad cop

If they find you guilty
They'll impound your can in Hades
Where the grounded lads and ladies
(God put a song in the heart of an angel and softly she sang it to me)
I get to thinking lots of times about back when I was a lad
Of the old
just a lad

I rode into a cattle town, a boy of twenty-three
So young and yet that very day I carved my destiny
I walked into the town saloon that
oh baby            
There's some jealous guys in our town, oh baby   

I go by the name Puff Daddy
And I'm a Scorpio, check this out
of Bill,
And Johnny's lads stand very still.
With the thumpire's shout, they all start to clout
- there's no guns in this gentleman's bout.
Georgie moves
she'd end up in my ride
Straight to the top, girl you really make me hot
You're just four times a lady
Spinning around til the morning light
Gonna be
our home was blessed
When daddy'd say mama sing a song
Sister left home first I guess then Bob and Tommy and Dan
By then dad's hair was turning grey
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the starship Boney M
for our first passenger flight to Venus.

Ready for count-down: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 -
Gentlemen, our benefactor on this Christmas day
Whose charity is only matched by talent I must say
A new member of the Alphabet City avant-garde
who rode unicycles
Peddled by with one smile and four frowns
So he had a vague sense of uneasiness when
His new sweetheart openned her door
And he
you know your lines 'cause one take is all we get


By the time this over, girl, I'm-a make you a star
You ready? (1,2,3,4)

Now I know our love will last.
Lady, I will do all I can.
Lady, I will be all I am.
I'll give you all you've had before.
So, come on in and close
Boy sit down, stand up girls
Ladies we can run this world
Come on take a stand,
We got the whole wide world in our hands

Bombs away, til the bombs started falling.
Down, to seal our fate.
No time to run, now it's too late.
Countdown 5-4-3-2-1.
The end is near baby here it
Y'all must try harder
Competition is

Ladies scream papa
Niggas can't stop ya
Competition is

No, no, no
Lets rock to
S-dot-Carter y'all must try harder, competition is, nada
Ladies scream, papa, niggas can't stop ya, competition is, no, no, no
Lemme see ya do tha bankhead if ya richest
It's the rap Mae West to Q - B
And I got all my sisters with me

Oh this is ladies night, and our
I think you know
I'd like to go
'Cause all the ladies are stinking
Don't even try to beg
I like the pace
I like the moves, I like the looks, I