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Go on if you want it.
An otherworld awaits you
Don't you give up on it.
You bite the hand that feeds you.

All alone cold fields you wander
not the same where the trails lead to the outer regions

Echoes from the otherworld turn horizons into endless ever present
Many otherworlds
all of those
unwilling to join Evilsyde into statues of stone and
send their spirits to Otherworld, where they would
eventually be assimilated into
Bringing us to the otherworld
When all the stars begin to fall
And the sky is fading away
The otherworld is catch us all
There's no return from
not real
You'll hear it, you'll see it
The otherworld
The otherworld
The otherworld appears

Now round and round
We all shall lose ground
Rain falls slowly
Here it cuts you down
Oh no, we're all one another
Oh no, I'm caught in an otherworld

Rainbows and blue skies
Are black
of the Other-world

You are the nameless
You're the primordial one
Who was, who is and is to come
Senisteros, you are my genesis

A rose e'er blooming
Sleep on my friend and dream
For thousands of years to come
Wake up in a different time
At Golgotha of the Otherworld (the Otherworld)

A knight
me get a load of that for my cataracts

[Chorus x2]

Otherworld Newspeak
Y'all know how I spit
Half-internet, half-high school cafeteria shit
Just for ever
You'll turn to stone
You'll turn to stone, turn to stone

Concerning the inhabitants of otherworld.
There are many similarities to be
death's dripping jaws
to behold Alpha and Omega
and bow down in spiritual awe

Eager to stand in the light of the otherworld
and enjoy redemption's breeze
The Assassins' Hotel

Where demons pass through the hallways

In the otherworld

She was driven to crazy chased to her death

Possessed by evil
for the living Drink for the dead Drink for the Keepers of Otherworld. Hail to the Elven Hail to the dwarfs: Hail to the goblins - hell to the arches!
Demons of the otherworld?
Nothing will be the same
When I am there

Eternity flies
In the blink of an eye
As a blank little sleigh
Devoid of thought
Masters of our realm
We dwell in the otherworld unknown
Serving the black knight
We slay our enemies down
Their blood upon our hand
Their blood upon
to the Ground

Lacerate my Neverland belauded
My Otherworld elapsed
My silver Lining

Another false Dawn collapsed
A Glimpse of our safe Home
Perished in
of Otherworld
Stars Scattered Amongst the Dust
Moving Skyward the Branch of Death
Infinite, Our Legions Formed 
Life Has Ceased 
Signs Drawn In Blood
Bane of Medhabh Cu Chulainn Hound of Ulster Cu Chulainn Champion of men  Son of an immortal Immortal he shall be Journey to the otherworld To live
to my heaven under your hell

Without the underworld there would be no above
Without the other-world there would be no above
Without the underworld
Descend thou with a willing heart
Down to the Otherworld.
the flawless fiction
Betrayed by them all and saved by the fallen
No prayers left for man

As the otherworld appears

Mortals surrender to dark sanity
Otherworld-dweller, grammar cracks skulls zombie slayer
With a tendency to shuffle
Two left feet plus a deck of cards, Mama's little gambler in a rumble
Heralds the ancient words
Resounding high and clear
From the otherworld

In this night we dance
Glory to the nameless one
Atir aissom atir
We wandered led by the gods
You gave a voice
Uîdluiā of the Allobroges
Your feet danced
In the footprints of the Otherworld
The words of your

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