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I look toward eyes so ossified
I thought I saw upon them a smile
It's just a quick and easy fix to a lost and rusty time

A rival is beyond
and ossified, our legions limp along tonight
And I wouldn't think that we'll be fine

No words to say
No divination
Cheshire bombs obey
The orders of a ruthless
to the depth that I need
Ossified forever
Everything I loved
Turned to bone
This means nothing
Why do we
Feel the need to wilt like this?
Immolating all
above saw, ever in the mind
Blue and white irises in a line
Under your nameless shame
I left you in frame, and you rose to be ossified
As a rose
the karaoke? Yes she can, but she won't
'Cause she's highly qualified and she's not a joke
When it comes to opera, she is ossified
So all of you operas better
bleary eyed,

He's ossified,

He's tighter than a tick!

He had too much to drink today

So call a doctor quick!

I better take him home to bed
the karaoke? Yes she can, but she won't
'Cause she's highly qualified and she's not a joke
When it comes to opera, she is ossified
So all of you operas better
Ossified, tempered and cool blue
He's looking at me so confused
His ticker, a monolith, bewildered by a tear

So unfazed, flat and unknowing
take it
Anywhere you want, anywhere you go

The gambler he rolls
In rolling he's ossified
Ha ha ha ha 
Countin' your owes
Bang on the nose

If I've told
Stuck in your cage
Left you with nothing
But fears in your brain

Wasting your time
Wasting away
Not fortified,
Not prepped for this pain
I ossified
Re-enact in a lost place
I was fifteen, hot on a false dream
Now I'm twenty-five, ossified ghosts lie behind my eyes
Identity crisis, defined by vices
the strength to overcome. Then when the battle's won 
Heal our wounds make us whole 
And plant a song within our soul

Ossified bodies in a half dead trance
of expression has ossified
Arrested progress
History frozen, at a chosen moment
We become fragments of the abolished past

music is a world, you still catch a vibe
Even if you cant be sure, ossity I got the cure
Ossified oddities often in philosophy
I posses it like apostrophe
Terrible and ossified philosophies we'd share
Not a living soul could come so close that they would care
We'd be bound together like the words
I suppress
What's at stake?
Pushed down inside
Smiling politely I replied
"I'll be alright"
A state of chaos ossified
You digress
Save your breath
A bloody nose and
A busted upper lip

I hurt you so bad
But please just know that
I didn't mean it

I was ossified, you were petrified
I fumbled for your
the wicked man
All bruise an' stain
Nothin' from nothin' baby
Mus' be somethin' in the grain

Ossified, splifficated

I was the wicked man
All bruise an' stain

A thousand centuries unfold
Overcast memories 
Of Acapulco gold
When was the last time that I died?
At least a lifetime since 
The cosmos ossified
Oh my heart 
What's it there for 
If there's no one but myself 
To care for 

Oh my heart 
Is a stone 
It's ossified 
Into a bone 

Oh my heart's
I sing my final song alone
Until - again - you take the throne

Cursed by powers undivine
Ossified by deal malign

Lovingly loyal, a servant in life
of revulsion tell grater tales
where my mind and body ossified and left unfulfilled

oh taken maiden lusting for me
ambivalence of god
seasoned repressed
I'm ossified will I crumble to the bone?
To the bone, to the bone

Who knows if I'll ever see the day?
Who knows if I'll ever see the day?
I'm okay if I
eating Osso Buco
These boys getting ossified
Supersize, stupefy
Everything I do in life
Larger than an anaconda swallowing rhinoceri
Yinz already know

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