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Who the hell is their orthodontist?
Who the hell is their orthodontist?
Who the hell is their orthodontist?
Who the hell is their orthodontist
Like she at the orthodontist I nutted up on her cavities
Be talkin' hella shit put the semi on em like keef
Fruity pussy vegetarian no he do not want
My new lil whore, on all fours, lil goddess
I'm in her mouth, no orthodontist
She want the shlong, dick long like Giannis
Really wanna cum so I told
I'm just a boxing orthodontist
Setting a bad example for my patients
Teeth can last forever
But boxing's an endeavor
That separates the bone from
She's my little orthodontist girl
Living in a sterile world (whoa whoa)
Back lid, rubber glove, paper mask love
She's my little ortho girl (whoa
Off it
I'm still off it
His jaw it
Watch it drop
Shoulderz skull go off it
Kill like flawless
I'm that bitch orthodontist
Make her scream like Tapped
1100 on Balenciaga
I'm in her mouth like a orthodontist
I'm getting head like a bonnet
I'm getting mouth like ebonics
T-Shirt 950 something
like a nigga got dreads
She just wants a nigga who’s always on it
She just wants a nigga who’s always honest
All in her mouth like a Orthodontist
Maxilla pain
The orthodontist cop

Metallic smiles
Are his pleasure
Penalties and blood
Are his fun

Bleeding gums
Are his happiness
This is our friend
I'm hooked on chronic and Smirnoff twist
But know ass in spandex is a turn-off bitch
It's not right like chapped lips if you givin' some mouth
I have to go to the orthodontist
I'm getting my braces off, y'know
But I have to wear a retainer
That's going to be really like a total bummer
to the orthodontist
I'm getting my braces off, you know
But I have to wear a retainer
That's going to be really like a total bummer
I'm freaking out
I'm sure
And the orthodontist get gas masked
Kick ass
The first thing I'll put on is the mask

Speaking of masks, man
It ain't to late to have a change of pace
And take it
the orthodontist
Some rappers just startin' out, but me, I'm more accomplished
The imperial Black Thought from the foreign object
I created a movement not just
an emcee just a little differently dressed
So if you really want us, better check your orthodontist
I'm chattering your teeth kid, just trying to be honest
low, aye
'Til I'm looking Chinese
But you know my mind sharp like Porcupines is
Talk slick, you gone need an orthodontist
I've been reborn with my kins
game with pristine polish
Born fighter just like Apollo and Adonis
Right hooks send visits to the orthodontist
Hit the ground unconscious and the crowd
what you call it
I'm trying to call my momma
I'm spitting while niggas vomit
These days faking a smile just call me an orthodontist
Can somebody fix my
Trust, no orthodontist is
Ever gonna fix my smile again
Yeah I hurt you more than ever
And cursed myself forever
Knowing I'm the only reason
That it
and get paid
Big house, big chains
Big whips, big things
Big pockets but an empty soul can't fill with diamonds
Spit back at em like orthodontist
If you
een fucking diamant
Wit bij me linker bal, of naast de flappen in porto
Wit zit tussen me tand
Vreemde vragen bij orthodontist
Don shit
Snif me tip naar
circles around the map 
Cause I'm bridging the gap 
Like orthodontist 
All brackets intact 
But y'all wander away from that 
Like an adolescent with dad
much Ima need an Orthodontist
shit like a orthodontist lets be honest nigga I got too much flavor
Pbg Koal Plae the p stand for paper
Personal gain the appropriator
Put my problems in

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