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Like pretty Kate has sex ornate 
Now devastate 
The truth dilate 
Special date 
The animal we ate
Now devastate, appreciate
Depreciate, fabricate
Emulate, the truth dilate
Special date, the animal we ate
Guilt debate, the edge serrate
A better
Now devastate
The truth dilate
Special date
The animal we ate
Guilt debate
The edge serrate
A better rate
its slumbering state
Short fuse smouldering
A world of pain to detonate
To devastate

Scalding concussing
Defeathered broiler - foul game
Metropolis! I'm calling to your angel
Won't you mark me well?
Tall Jakob-bell and ornate people
On Madison Avenue: St. James the Lesser
But you think
on the earth
Wing seems to flap, beat with my pulse
Moth has no mouth, it emerges without
Lives just to mate, rhythmic perfume
I am ornate, please accept my gift
that way
Put salt in the dirt and tears in the grave
Goblet's gold, red's ornate
Iron taste, silver blade
I can't feel a fucking thing and I like it that
feel today
Or will you be okay

They had an open casket
So I could see your face
An ornate flower basket
Laid at your feet
It was autumn
The leaves were
I flow past the busy stream
And not lose my mind
How ornate does it look from here
I would gladly pay the fine

Be aware your blood may spill
to wait
Don't know what to do when their life's not ornate, wait (Ornate)
Open your mind
Feel the vibes
Sleep every night
This is HD it's so easy to see
Sorrow can wait
Laugh boldly
Love wholly
Life is ornate
If I am troubled
I’ll burst my bubble
Sympathy’s my friend
I’ll not be weaker
Than silence-seekers
footholds foul gargoyles, images of terror 
Whipped on to proceed as the tower bell chimes 

Deep below the fundaments of ornate walls and lush facades
columns and tiers, huge ornate arches and mighty
statues of grey marble. Countless people filled the seats surrounding the
sandy floor of the Arena...
Near an old ornate theater where I soon will be playing
I soon will be playing

So I said hello for you, when I saw a stylish girl
Walking by
my mind
Emotions feeling right
Lay me down and hold me close
Take me through the night
Rock me baby 

If you`re looking for an ornate man
Baby, I`m
a game of display 
We break in two 
We perform the ornate 

We're alive somewhere else 
Still asleep someplace new 
We're ahead of our time
Ornate headdress, my temptress
Wield your stuff and your veil
Vows, secrets, wake me when
It's my turn to walk through

Caught deep in your every
of spectacles 
A claw footed divan 
Ornate clocks with birds that strut 
On the half hours and quarter hours 

Hear them chime
face isn't ornate
They shoulda never let me read Borges
The breakup hit me in a sore place
This is now a one horse race
Everybody love me like my
Ornate crimes 
Stalactites made of flesh 
Festooned with innards 
Gaining life 
Sentient place, the stone walls 
Hungry soul 
back in Kiev

With the ladies dressed so nice in their ornate reds with satin textures
Have you since found some peace it's like we can't escape all
know, where death is most alive
It is when truth is turned to lie, that death is most alive

Set flame to the ensnarers and pierce that ornate shield
Fiction, ornate
Those who don't believe are all to blame

I'm beaten down
Will - taken away
I cannot face another day
I've lost my ground
the memory of her beautiful life
Forever was her name

Fulfilment lost in a lifetime of regret
Ornate peace would cover me
As I would die now
For one

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