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This is a special dedication a special dedication, oh Lord to all imitator

Stop imitate and gwan go originate 
Stop imitate and gwan go originate
now, I gotta get away
'Fore I go insane, and my thoughts all ricochet
Back into the depths, where I originate
Put my soul into these tracks, and go
Welcome to the Cape
Where we originate
Welcome to the city
That you love to hate
It's the Cape
Where we originate
Welcome to the city
is Supercool, wake up... this can't be true
I'm talking Supercool, we walk in Supercool
originate the wave and make it stick like Super Glue
My lingo
a veil of acid impulsions
All of yourself a replica

Speaking in tongues
Certain of where the questions originate from
They are blind to the truth
I get in my feelings yeah
Lost some soldiers moving cautious
Gotta move militant

Bend that corner to that block is where we originate
I took losses
Right ya now Mr Jerry at go set tings straight 
No MC test Jerry in a ate!

So listen dem ya styles I man originate 
First of all me wan you know me
I originate
You must appreciate
All the others imitate
You're my crowd and I want you tonight
I am sure this tune makes you feel right

This is it

It's in my brain now
It's in my brain now
It's in my brain now
It's in my brain now
It's in my
Hear what mi tellin' now
Ya hear mi, come and nuh imitate
Originate, we come fi originate
Alright, mate?
Know what yer doing, mate
In here we get
create my howl
Originate my howl
Stimulate my howl
How can you talk about God all the time
Tell me how how how
How do you think he'll forgive each of your
the people all together just to liberate
Think we should remember
That from God we all originate
All originate, I anticipate
Something bad for the country if
I gotta make a statement now
Ain't No Time for Breaking Down

Everything I talk, Bitch it's Really Great
Everything i Rock, I originate
Everything I
I Eehyahh
Anahhhh I
Eeeyahhh EY yahh
Ahh I
Is it really man made
Where did it originate
In my mind
Maybe in a spaceship
Does that even
Nachilous Jr Demus originate 
Fabulous nate 
Jr Demus 
Can't underrate 

Chorus 5

Mr Twaite no want me debate 
Mr no want me debate 

Verse 6 

Jr Demus
on home to poppa yeah
Run ya mouth to cop a plea
And see how easily you drop dead

Calculate, motivate, set a date, originate 
Concentrate, alleviate, know
And if truth is the drive and not hate
Tell me why and where
Does this pain originate

Modulation here and there
Some source of relief
Like a distant flare
we originate 
Lying to my teeth I don't contemplate 
When I'm with you I don't feel the pain 
Baby it's true you were designer made for me

We fell in
Where space originates

Lay back, sink in
You're not talking straight
I'm right, this is sin
You're not talking straight
Come around, give in
The jazz, the what? The jazz can move that ass
For the Tribe originates that feelin' of pizzazz
It's the universal sound, best to brothers underground
the name is
Mos Def gon' set it straight from where the 718 is
The place with the greats who originate the flavors
An all-star block with some all-star
The father of the game, you pussy niggas wiley
How many niggas really wanna test,
Pain he originate I gotta be the best
Hundred motherfuckers tryin to do
blaze, fulfillin' them, Keith ?, Jesse, Jamil and them
We originate styles, other be stealin' them

You got a good rise in your rolodex, who flow is
Originality, check the way we originate
Style and communicate check the way we demonstrate

Countdown three two one
Some rappers a speak the real
And I can

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