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I Eehyahh
Anahhhh I
Eeeyahhh EY yahh
Ahh I
Is it really man made
Where did it originate
In my mind
Maybe in a spaceship
Does that even
is Supercool, wake up... this can't be true
I'm talking Supercool, we walk in Supercool
originate the wave and make it stick like Super Glue
My lingo
and you will never switch
(jrb?) juggalo rydas bitch!
Did you beat your girlfriends who dissed your boys
Did your crew's name originate in Illinois?
Did your crew's name originate in illinois?
Do you cross your enemies out with a "k"
Then you gang related to muthafucka like violent j
bout it (bout it)
We are violators we annihilate you, no ifs ands buts about it
The air up here stay cloudy, I originate in shotcallin'
We stay up in
a shadow at midnight
that originate in air
He wishes for release

Deep in the back it had caught him
The anchor they threw at his life
oh these misery's
originate in the Middle East
But you never see our beliefs being forced on other people of different lands
Colonizing my people and now you see us with holy
no us 
It ain't about another nigga shorty know its no trust

Trust me but look
Really we originate in da belly of beast so trust nothing with
A Shadow At Midnight
That Originate In Air
He Wishes To Release

Deep In The Back It Had Caught Him
The Anchor They Threw At His Life
Oh These Misery's
So much style put me in my own genre
Still working for the day I drove the old Honda
Born in that water originate in Uganda
Don't watch me watch them
lí, a breve scadenza 
Flussi economici - corrispondenza
A variazioni, sì originate in precedenza
Dalla gestione reddituale, costi e ricavi di competenza
To attack I need the power to redeem my past 
And that power I find in you 
The pellets I need originate in you 
It's true 
But you don't really want me 
like it always is. They say the cause of all evil originates in her. Has she to be protected? Or does he need her defeated? She shouted out, her white
finished with my free lunch
I'm barely beginning
All my transgressions past future and present
Originate in my head
Made to desire correct decisions
Face it.
I'm catching all your drifts.
They're blowing eastward, through my door and out my window.
Originate in mouth.

In innuendos.
and you will never switch
(jrb?) juggalo rydas bitch!
Did you beat your girlfriends who dissed your boys
Did your crew's name originate in Illinois?
cause of our despising the priests & philosophers of other countries, and
prophecying that all gods would at last be proved to originate in ours &
to be
Where space originates

Lay back, sink in
You're not talking straight
I'm right, this is sin
You're not talking straight
Come around, give in
for selfrespect
Or simply kickin' verses for a tight paycheck
But they neglect is creative aspects in control
The sounds and words originate up in

This is it

It's in my brain now
It's in my brain now
It's in my brain now
It's in my brain now
It's in my
in my vessel
Numb the abuse n heckle, adolescence highly feral
Corruption of my beliefs, originate back in queens
Caribbean in my genes, asthma my
don't originate
Drowning in the drink. need a life raft
Yeah, I'm on the block. minecraft
Yeah, I wrote a block. my craft
Wrote it like a book. mein kampf
This is a special dedication a special dedication, oh Lord to all imitator

Stop imitate and gwan go originate 
Stop imitate and gwan go originate
Arcological structures upsurging
Conurbation of oppidan fauna
All land has been ingested
Tentacular megacities originate
Coalesced in a monolithic

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