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and dimes
Organized vocab be organizing my rhymes
Organizing my business and organizing my time, so turn it up

Turn it up! Turn it up
This is it! This
And they're all too busy organizing your life
But it's people that you lose
When you become a recluse
Well don't be so nervous now
All I want is to be
Who was it organizing the right
To follow my leader
Seems we look and stand around waiting
For a sign from God
Speaking for myself
The christian
to you yes sir
Each and everyone
Were organizing a big party
Where there's lot's of fun
So plot the course for
I and I together live as one
na, na

All the kids who screamed (we weren't the same)
In sweaty rooms
Now we're doomed to organizing walk-in closets like tombs

Silent film
organizing a billion black motherfuckers
To take over JP and Morgan Goldman and Sachs
And teach the world facts and give Saudi they oil back

1990's Polo
dreamin' of two on ones
With Rihanna and Christina Milian, bring it on
And Travis is in the closet organizing and hangin' the tramp
Three lettermans that
later, they walking
Got your hoe free from an auction
She steady talking
I be steady flossing
Organizing boss shit
(Bang, bang-bang)

Had to take
ain't gonna be
On This is Your Life's tonight
This sporting life
Needs organizing
We'd gladly lose the cup
If we could stick the knife in
the world's entire foolery
Comin' up layin' it to you
Yeah and it ain't no joke
Goin' out with nothing but gunsmoke
Organizing a world revolution
"I don't think that [?] needing, like, mothering."
"No, no, not mothering. Organizing. Or doing, doing tasks."
"Yes, right."
"That's not, that's
trouble organizing the thoughts in my mind (thoughts in my mind)
Now time is money so you know I'm not wasting my time (time)
If they pull me over, don't
You're still tempted to believe the world is true.
You even almost do.

Your little world is a little empty, 
But the memories never stop
mutherfucker, it's our revolution
It's our revolution


"sex and race have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior
They help me spit that hot shit get the nine mean
While ya niggas critizing, mad to see me and my team rising
Aiyo we still organizing, don't get shit

Day after day, my friends, non-stopping media tips, giving me headaches organizing my fridge.
That’s fatting, or gives cancer, or perhaps leaves
is lost
Not with standing chance
It's lost

Is it in? 
Or is it out?
Help me find it when I shout

Afraid of prompted unions
Organizing assemblies
Organizing his bookshelves that day 
Meticulous in something small 
A socialite, now butterflied 
From standing out 
Forget all the social cues 
Single sided,
to be fed, chaining you to a necklace
Organizing the time to occupy, the only way to save your place

There is the Prince of the artificial comedy
living in the material world
And organizing till we die
This goes here and that goes there
This should make you laugh and 
That should make you cry

then now.
Cause what's happening there's a whole lot of flappin',
But watch what'll happen if we bring gun clappers in.
Boot camp organizing in
the houses
You broke my heart, I'm re-organizing
Really trying to be mature about it
But I got a killer like a fucking dealer
Dream-villian spill-villain
then now.
Cause what's happening there's a whole lot of flappin',
But watch what'll happen if we bring gun clappers in.
Boot camp organizing in
collecting books
We're getting funny looks

While we are stacking, organizing, filing
Piling way up high and rising
Dewey dusty, decimalizing

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