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augura il meglio
Ed io sto sempre peggio

Che brutta storia
Questa mattina
Quanta paura nelle nostre case
Tutte ordinate, tutte ordinate
Che brutta
You can tell your boyfriend I'm the better man
Cellphone going ape what's the plan
Co-ordinate with the homies wit the gang
Take me by your side
file ordinate accorrono al castello 
Interpretando valzer tristi o rigurgitando male 
Su gattare poco lucide o barboni da cortile 
Nella strada
wonderful, at a price

You can rent a life today
Why worry about the real thing
Pay up now and plug in quick
It's easy to co-ordinate
Just credit card
my co-ordinates
I'm set to detonate and resonate, the final poem I will create
I've made a video, it tells a story, oh
I guess it's time to go,
It's like some people got their wild wild hearts

And some others bide their time until they meet them
When co-ordinates are disappearing stars
With the coordinates to your ordinates

Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter

Yo, your recovery's slow
My dual input
Plus my modem
The money's always spent
Like coming from the wrong town
Is sure to raise a frown
Co-ordinates let you down

Like clouds rolling by
Straight across an empty sky
cover every particle from there to Andromeda
Not forgetting a single location
From the throat of Ibis to the co-ordinate of Matterhorn

My shot is
a mic
And transmits co-ordinates that float like it on a script
Break down ya character flaws, to the masses
Burn ya to ashes, and suck you wit acid
your feelings
I be owning this
You subordinate
I'm from nowhere check
My co-ordinates
You're a hypocrite
You should just admit
What you're doing just
And mumble that we keep getting older 
If we co-ordinate, if we exercise restraint 
If we both keep each other at arms length 
We can have our hands on each
Dentro quel cassetto tutte ordinate
Tavoli e tovaglie bicchieri ben riposti
Colonne di vetro accanto ai segnaposti
A distanza di un metro bottiglie
kori so let's just co-ordinate
Bolon di lorh nai, ishaare I can read
Gallan ohndian ne soh
Pora nai sangdi das de kyo
Mainu pasand I want more so don't
The Alliance reached the book first and so will be able 
To conquer a relatively large part of the infinitely bigger universe

The co-ordinates have
pointing to the door
To get me outta here
Better save the date
And co-ordinate for the summer next year
JFK, LAX, O'Hare

And then at last we'll raise
Mission impossible abort it
Imma a roll fuck your Royce
Like you even have choice
Private flight invoice
Now I'm leaving all you moist
Now I'm
co-ordinate my chaps, but everybody laughs
and say they don't like that shade of green

Oh no, it's true, i'm a sensitive cowboy and i don't know what

Gotta get back up and dust Your self regardless 

Grasp a risk, then I figured Life's a gamble 
Co-ordinate moves with luck
The vision stay vivid
She’s my regret, cheap
Like loose cigarettes
And I am dead set, I'm
Moving on

I know plasticity
And it’s co-ordinates
And though it stings a bit
I'd put you in fetal and soften the surface
I'll guard all the exits 
I'll change their co-ordinates
Just me you and Christmas 

sorcery baby
I so ordinate - airy
With each kiss we get closer to this
And then the rest is the rest
It's excessive success
Yes yes
I'm so invested
don't wanna hang around
I've just about had enough (had enough)
Ya see, I like a nice cup of Espresso
And I like to read my People magazine
I co-ordinate

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