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being surprised
All I need is clarity
To see
My mess
Is orderly
Spirit from the universe
That came to Earth
Spirit in me
It hurts
That you'll
ass and throw you in
It's a big clown carnival kinda like the clink
Except for deputies its orderlies and shrinks
Never sign the paper at the looney bin
Smoking marry
I see you how I will never carry
She like a fairy up on my tele
she want me heavy
I’m just so savvy the Orderly World New
given to make sure it's orderly fashion
Beginning and lastly, wait till a nigga blow up and break out like he struggle with acne
How you gone say you been
bars that ran through my mind
As you finally all join me in quarantine (Day one)
This section here's my jurisdiction
Where I deal all drugs out orderly
fuelled by failed unfinished art

Take me to the real world
No more of this fake reality
I need a little chaos
To get away from stale and orderly

I wish I
reality (reality)
I'm giving one hundred percent of me
So take it orderly
Whether you're in or out (out)
This is what I'm about

Because I'm up, I'm down
the shopping malls

Disrupting the orderly routine of the institution
Disrupting the orderly routine of the institution

Burn! Burn!
Motherfucking burn!
the bottle-opener
He may be fat but he's got the cork-screw
And in the party party politics of this ugly fame
There is no orderly queue

With a chin like

[Verse 1: continued]
Blastin' the semi in a orderly fashion
Orderly stash, so the people try to come and harrass
And now it's one
I been cooking till 10
I’m still with my ken and
Drums illuminated
Orderly World New sophisticated
And we riding seeing how we never waited
We Always
Was gifted Christian Dior
Because I stay true I roar
Orderly World
New time
In Benz no chauffeur
I grind
So it’s making me shine
I’m seeing threw
brain now
I could say my prayers
Still nobody safe now
Swerving, bitch
I'm hogging this lane now
Im feeling like we playing in traffic
These Games orderly
Fucked it up by now

Honey, you won't have to lift a finger
There's an orderly on call
The safety net's on standby
The writings on the wall
So here's a map
A part of me prefers to see things in perfect symmetry
All lined up and orderly-don't you dare call it O.C.D

A part of me prefers to see things in
you radiating lovely
What's in your head?
I wonder if you'll let me take a peak
The way I'm dreaming of those thoughts
I bet they're orderly
"Just travel the way... a child travels... 
Round and around... and back home again... 
To a place we know we are loved."

Come meet the orderlies
the plant
""How are you"" replied the tree
An orderly woke me up and told me I was crazy!

I want to go for a walk in the park with you, won't you take me?
may be fat but he's got the cork-screw
And in the party party politics of this ugly fame
There is no orderly queue

With a chin like a tramp's juke-box
Living those expectations I might lose my peace
In over my head but I'm head over heels
In an orderly fashion, I dream
we're older
It's slower
But I can wait this out
Forming an orderly queue
Outside your house

Up your sleeves for winter
And I can wait 'till summer
of destruction
As the world goes around like Passion 
You get flattened in an orderly fashion 
You was warned like a coming attraction 
I got playa hated,
And you're the sons of for one more day
Have you walked around your parks and town
So [nice and?] orderly,
While the fires are burned on the hills
an orderly fashion
True, it's chaotic, but it's got your body moving as a unit
Uniting together tonight, so make it last and you better just

Lose yourself

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