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the railroad track

I said look-a-yonder comin', comin' down the railroad track
It's the Orange Blossom Special, bringin' my baby back
I'm goin' down
When citrus groves still perfumed the sky
But I guess those orange blossoms weren't so special after all
Now it's a city of days gone by
When the train pulled into the station
He slicked back his hair, rosined up his bow
Fiddle upside-down, Orange Blossom Special
If you want to make
When the train pulled into the station
He'd open up his case and resin up his bow
Play upside down the orange blossom special
'Cause if you want
new bars
Influenced by many but I'm a whole new star, yeah
There's levels to this but I'm a whole new floor
They talkin' keys to success but I'm