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Yeah, yeah, nu mai știu
Nu pot să beau Sprite decât dacă-i murdar
Nu stau liniștit fără opt mii în buzunar
Aseară moshpit cu stilu' de
the chance, so I'm taking my spot, I'm coming

Gunning for it all, my sights are locked in
Checked out the price, decided to opt in
Reckless when I talk, been
intention, too

Not a dry eye in my denial
Moving my life with a smile

I seem to opt-in
I seem to opt-in
I seem to opt-in

Not a dry eye in my denial
Moving my life with a smile

I seem to opt-in. 
I seem to opt-in. 
I seem to opt-in.
Opt out
We in a bad route
Life is bittersweet
Feel the energy
We just needa opt out
We in a bad route
No one can take me
No one can change me
We just
I had for you I had to opt in
Like what you tryna do
Can't imagine myself with anybody else but you
Access to my heart that nobody got but you
Trap, trap, trap, trap
Free trials, nigga opt in
Free the dealers that's locked in
Good dope got em flockin'
Trap open now stop in
Come get your dope
I am running out of time
Whisper here though
Can't see out the night

Oh yeah legionnaire
I fully opt in for pussy
Leave my sorrow
Oh yeah
on no doubt

The next time i go, i'll let them know
What i think is rot, and what they think is opt
In the best scene of the movie, i lay down my cool
I think I am goin' through phases in life
Cuz I didn't gave this girl my heart before, she came in my life
And I think i was better opt for you, came
cumplieron pae!
el sueño cumplieron
sueño despierto pae!

(Hey you What's up Madafaka! I'm YOUNG BALA pae!)

OPT Records in the house!

Ahuevo cabrones me vine
always see me clean
I got a blade, master key
Got my main piece on my sheath
Less you opt in
In the cut, ibuprofen
With the kush, I be token
Indi-could I
Every time you love just a little
Take one step closer, solving a riddle
It echoes all over the world

Every time you opt in to kindness
draw attention 
set intention, too. 

Not a dry eye in my denial. 
Moving my life with a smile. 

I seem to opt-in.
Truth is truth
He over watching no Tracer
We get it soda popping
Throwing shots with no chaser
Meet your maker
Get your photo opt in
Even in the sorrow
wanna rap they trynna chase a bag
But If you swimming in the money you gon fucking drown

You feel me like all these other fucking rappers
All they want
gon put me in all of they top tens
If it's money we talkin' I opt in
Double up double bacc bring the blocc in
If it ain't in the script then we opt out
that's cool
Baby cause there aint a thing that aint real on you
Baby haters might be rude but
They aint got no option
You could opt out they opt in
you smile at every fold as you wrap it
Ever Trap but not trapped in
Had to opt in to be active because options were lacking
Gambling on who to follow
like a nigga took up boxin’
This is not an opt-in, you ain’t got no option
Got ‘em usin’ sick days every time I clock-in
Niggas wanna pop-in, I’m
a bodybuilder in a contest
About some excess pecs
I'm the wrong one to test
Cuz I ain't answering a question
I just want you to opt in with checks
I'm out
please, tell me, if you and I were here ta be together
But another came and seemed tha better
Option would you opt in ta not win and stay with me so we
from the cauldron
Old soul since a toddler
Try to cross fade, ya opt in to crosshairs
It's a metaphor, fool. It's an analogy, stupid
I'm lucid. Dream
We give up the option
To see the great within us and opt in 
Within a life that leave you boxed in
The name of security you keep your spirit locked

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