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He's just not quite me
I await to find you there open-handed
And I'm awake at night again
I'll be here 'til you decide
You decide
Think this is a bit
like open-handed palm brandishing
letting the hurt live where it landed... Like that

This is for New Jacks trying to decide where they fit (get
I've been wondering am I damaged 
Will I know real love and could I stand to 
Let it get too close, openhanded 
Do what I need the most and not pull
think we've got the hang of this 'til we see we don't
But through our inconsistency we're still trying
To live life open-handed with a smile and our
office,declining all of your offers
Too outstanding,jump from a high rise im outlandish
Overseas im out camping,im smacking you openhanded
Do it with opulence,i
they're open-handed
Emotionally candid, til I no longer 

Feel stranded from my need and the
Cycle of my prayer life is completed
If I wonder how I ended up
And I’ll do what I can
To remain an honest man
And I’ll only take from others open-handed
Ooh tonight… I’m taken by the light
Ooh that’s why… the darkness
Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had enough secrets
I been open-handed, and I got nothing to lose
But what’s left to gain?
-Is it worth all that shame?
Dandruff, doona, cigarette ash

I've tried to play it open-handed
I've tried to make a fist of this
Even when the questions are candid
My arrows miss
we tried
Soft understanding
Warm, open-handed

Don't say I don't feel the attraction
All I feel is the attraction
It's over, man
I feel it like
you can feel
I do not care for real

It’s not because I am
An open-handed man
That I’m gonna let you play in my band
My friend!

open-handed slapping niggas
Happy Gilmore tactics, catch you slipping if he carve up the ice
Princess cuts in my flows, this nigga in here lighting squares
around someone is always open-handed
Every time somethin' go wrong he always the one that they blamin'
They think he owed them somethin', his success,
High off life, I told a model she needs lower standards
Asked her if she had a twin, I feel like Joey Tanner
Big spender, Kris Jenner, I promote
She was going down, I was ashin' on her back
(love that girl like she was mine)
I hit back once - open-handed, no excuses
(love that girl like she

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