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The smell of trees can only be that way
On a sunny day, floating through the open window
To the cool inside where we lay side by side

How can
Beyond two thousand in the future wars beyond the limits of our mind
Central computer that control and know the simple weakness of mankind
don't change the way you feel when I do the things I do
But I get by because you try so hard to understand
And to accept this weakness in your man.
don't change the way you feel when I do the things I do
But I get by because you try so hard to understand
And to accept this weakness in your man.
of the galaxy 
Two thousand light years away from the sun 

I'm trapped in a room in this space station 
Tell me the stories, the legends, and tales
There's a hitch in the step
The tower is leading
Grown a thousand years in a single heartbeat
Ripped and torn at the seams
And he falters to his

I will lift my heart and sing
With the sounds of Heaven
Praises to the only King
The sounds of Heaven
In my weakness I get strong
The smell of trees. Can only be that way. On a sunny day.
Floating through the open window. To the cool inside.
Where we lay side by side. How can
In the land of dirt and plaster
Lies an army of a thousand nowhere kids
Losing ground and falling faster
Into a life that no one should have
You declared you would be three inches taller
You only became what we made you
Thought you were chasing a destiny calling
You only earned what we
through each generation 
Let's build a bridge of love 
Across the sea of hate 
Hand in Hand 
Side by side 
That's what it's gonna take 

Then one day
mother by an overdose

I got a weakness I got a hunger, I got a jones
I'm sick and I need to get well, I hurt deep in my bones
I got a weakness, I got
a hunger, I got a jones
I'm sick and I need to get well
I hurt deep in my bone

I got a weakness
I got a fever, I got a thirst
I'm sitting on the edge
dependent, so dependent 
Now I am giving in 
To my weakness, to my weakness 
Can't stop giving in, giving in 
To my weakness, to my weakness 

Is this me
itself in the hands of itself
And the future is
Electric youth
It's true you can't fight it
Live by it
The next generation

It's electric

long before the welfare
Send me letters telling me how much they need
And it's not been in my interest to please them
For the only interest rate
A generation of mockingbirds
You are being herded by the wolves
A generation of mockingbirds
Feeding yourself to the wolves
This is the rise of our
In this time of desperation
When all we know is doubt and fear
There is only one foundation
We believe, We believe
In this broken generation
In Christ alone will I glory
For only by His grace I am redeemed
And only His tender mercy
Could reach beyond my weakness

To my need now I seek no
Death will end the weakness 
I am a violent tendency sparked by the words of the world 
An isolated integrity employing wisdom learned through
I know you were lonely, Till you found yourself with us
Now we're the only company you need to find comfort in the night
Bank robbery is your life,
Draft Dodger Rag
Phil Ochs
Written by Phil Ochs

Oh, I'm just a typical American boy from a typical American town
I believe in God and Senator
and a wracked up back
I'm allergic to flowers and bugs
And when bombshells hit, I get epileptic fits
And I'm addicted to a thousand drugs
I got the weakness
Dark skies swirl above, around the only one I love
Emotions of mine devoured by parasites
Feeders of refuse grow, care taken not to show
with no patience
We get plotted on by agents with talks of replacing
The Africans, Jamaicans and the Haitians in this next generation

We are

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