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I know you think I'm bout my girl 
My mamma, my unborn daughter, my world 
But daddy used to beat you harder than the five barrels 
He left you
"Good-bye, care"
When my slippers are next to the ones that belong
To the one and only beautiful girl in the world

[lengthy instrumental break]
Social ?
c-cup, small bus
They judge me like the girl's on trial
But every time that I come out it's just girls gone wild
Got the domino effect in the front row
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Now a nigga only text and get stressed over Rihannas
I'm talkin' tens and better, hood bitches in Timbs and sweaters
And we always argue about
the one (you're the one) 
You're the one (you're the one) 
The only one (the only one) 

An all-expense-paid trip around the world 
To see the sights
Hello, little girl, goodbye, little girl
I'm not your kind of guy, little girl
I'll only make you cry, little girl
Trouble (trouble, trouble,
used to be stressed over Dawana
Now a nigga only textin' distress over Rihannas
I'm talkin' tens and better, hood bitches in Timbs and sweaters
And we
this world
I'm a-going to leave this country
For the sake of one little girl
Well, she told me that she loved me
And it give my poor heart grief
to heaven in a Porsche 911
Buried in my car, I'm surrounded by a harem
Surrounded by my brethren, my funeral is legend
Buried like a Pharaoh with my jewelry
a happy wedding
And that's the story of a girl and boy in love

The moon above was yellow
them all but what's the sense in that
Baby girl, you're all-in-one
All this time, all this time
I was trying to [?] but I ain't know what I was
disguise, never gonna hide those hungry eyes
Everybody knows when the girl walks by, never gonna hide those hungry eyes
Black night like a velvet sky,
somebody, by somebody yeah

Everybody in the whole wide world
Everybody, every boy and girl
Everybody in the whole wide world
Everybody, every boy
come face us, eh

I'm not Rihanna
I'm not Madonna
I'm not Mariah
Or Ariana
I've been around in this world causing drama
The real spice girl, hot
I ball how I ball when I spoil you
We was in Miami, first time I saw you
I was in a Phantom when I pulled up on you
It was late nights, late nights
hardly stand 
Hidin' by day in the mountains movin' with the moon on the land 
I'm hoping to find my freedom in a world that wants me dead 
The girl
And you're the only girl I ever met who hates "Hey Jude"
Maybe that's the reason that I'm so in love with you
Take a trip around the world
All you have
Jimmy Buffett & Carrie Fisher
It's the reason for livin'
That's what I'm givin'
I don't need a history lesson
To tell my why 

I mean I'm in no
Oh yeah)x4 
You had the sweetest boy in the world 
Without a doubt you were the envy of every girl 
You're the kind that's never satisfied 
There ain't nothin' in this world for a boy and a girl but love, love, love
And that's the only thing I'm thinkin' of

Love can make you happy when

1st Verse Sheila says the heart is just a muscle   Sheila says the heart is cooled by time  Hiding out for years down in these trade winds
to leave me all alone now
By myself, I don't wanna party anywhere else
The world leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, girl
You're the only one that I want

in the whole wide world (whole wide world) 
Don't mean nothin' if you ain't got your girl (got your girl) 
All the people seem so far away 
'Cause I
Verse 2:
 If I ever saw a girl
 That I needed in this world
 You are the one for me (one for me)
 Let me hold me in my arms
 Girl, and thrill

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