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a zone
He got the purple by the bundles, I'm still high when I get home
I'm well-connected fool, they held me down for summers
It's D-O-double G, matter
I'ma hustler
I'ma coma say workin on my doublea
Hit the block real hard, and I'ma sew it up
Police push up cause they notice us
(Hook 2: Guerilla Black
I'ma hustler
I'ma coma say workin on my doublea
Hit the block real hard, and I'ma sew it up
Police push up cause they notice us
(Hook 2: Guerilla Black
Stop think, listen to the God hear what he's sayin'. (x2)


No doubt I'd like to send this one out to all the people still striving
[Intro/Hook - x2]
	From the high degrees to the low degrees
	Ice cold, red hot, you can burn the freeze

Fahrenheit, very low
Icicle, hail
on us
Poppin' em' off
Niggas call me the cab driver now I'm droppin em' off

[Hook x2]
Raise up off these nuts, a little bit
Just a little bit
Raise up off these nuts, a little bit

I'm smokin these niggas like they endo
broke, like nope, like ha,
I ain't no joke, I can't be stopped
Like nope, like nope
Extend the beat Noah

2 seats in the 911 uh, no limit on the black
black-on-black 2G Cadillac

[Hook - Turk]
N****, we hustle hustle everyday, all day
Get our grind on in the project hallway
N**** try to hit a hustle, they
anybody say "Fuck me"
Everybody say "Fuck you"
Odd one Tech got that God Complex

[Hook 2] - 2x
Get on your knees and pray
If you step in our way
Cause we
to see me just look me up
I hope the first place you look be up
Here I go


[Verse 2: Red Cafe]
Ugnh I did it yup yup I did it
I'm super fly with it
to see this nigga everyday up at the school 
I mean dude was cool type of fool 
who always said what he meant 
You could peep him at lunch
Freestylin by
"Cause long as I'm alive I'm gonna live illegal" (x4)
-Shook Ones pt. 2 -Mobb Deep

Verse 1:
Take it to another level of mic murdering
and still misteps
On routines I never flow rountine 
Only those slogans are spoken by the token that's tokin' 
I stay tokin' cause I'm definitely different


I thought I told you
Never to trust, nobody but us
Now the gats must bust
Malicious black viper venomous
There's gonna be a lotta white
neighborhood, and I got my sawed-off
Caught cha getting yo shit, I got my junt and blew yo ass off
Fool, I'm fo real black, caps I'm gon peal back
Not that
at the crossroad

[Hook - 2x]
Some say, life be short
I think, we was cursed from the start
I'm only trying to play my part
But why they wanna wish death, on me
A-yo man chill let's take this moment of silence out for my man see-A Dogg.
Claude Austin. Rowdy 9-5.

1-2 to the breaker 1-9-9-5, Jamal
the horror show 

But ain't no popcorn or bon bons, it's all teflons nigga 

[Hook:] X 2 

I keep a 44 everywhere I go 

It's 1-O in the ghetto
a elephant
I move cars like spinnin rims
I'm in a class all by myself like the brown Eminem
Not to down Eminem, I fuck black bitches
Fuck white bitches, nigga
to see the top, my hood.

[Chorus x2: Dre]

[Hook: Dre]
You gotta love ya hood, you need to love your projects, ay get me, get me.

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
these fools will ride

Suicidal if it's vital on these streets of mine
And niggas pack them gats bustin' thirty-two times
Business is fine
listen to beats no one can fool me
(Now planet Earth get down) we use sound
There's only a few down with us cause I don't trust
Too many, but I bet we
and my pants never sagg 

[Hook: x 2]

[Verse Three: Silkk The Shocker]
It ain't nothing but a gangsta party 
You know what we bring 
No Limit
will be no pain, for a change
still I wonder why, if we can laugh and cry
get high and pass the lie, why do we have to die?
because there's two sides

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