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In the year of the famine when starvation
And black death raged across the land
There were many driven by their hunger
To set sail for the Americas
the way

I'm so young
And beautiful
(That's right)
(I'm slick)
I'm no fool

Time goes by
Tables turn
Now I know

First it give'th
Then it take'th away
a zone
He got the purple by the bundles, I'm still high when I get home
I'm well-connected fool, they held me down for summers
It's D-O-double G, matter
[Into: Guerilla Black]
This is dedicated to my nigga Easy-E
Compton (Compton)
Rest in peace my nigga (rest in peace my nigga)

(Hook 1)
Say what?
[Into: Guerilla Black]
This is dedicated to my nigga Easy-E
Compton (Compton)
Rest in peace my nigga (rest in peace my nigga)

(Hook 1)
Say what?
Lord knows I had it hard today
Had it hard today
Still I gotta keep my head up high along the way
Cause it only gets better, better
It only gets
an ear
He's nobody's fool and the only one here

Who remembers the smell of the black powder smoke
And the stand in the street at the turn of a joke
a fool

Six weeks in a foreign country, how the time flew
I didn't speak the language, but somehow I knew
That that would be the only time that we
(Uh huh, uh huh) yo, hey yo...

You know that motherfucker Sheek Looch is a gladiator
Like Russell Crowe, with my heat in a rad-iator
Black strap, you know what that's for?

Who gon stop me huh?
Who gon stop me huh?

Who gon stop me?
No brakes, I need, State Farm
So many
Little shortie sedated thinkin' the way out is by selling cracks
I seen black borthers cry like day by day the number multiply
And the devil don't give
'm only a fool to stick by your side
Struck by your change of heart
Every day and every night
Try as I might
You're my black and you're my white

I've got
Raise up off these nuts, a little bit
Just a little bit
Raise up off these nuts, a little bit

I'm smokin these niggas like they endo
the masters indeed
The season for freezin and green need
Dog sled stampede by the freezed slave calvary
I relieve those updated, cowardly fools never made
I stay so fly
Got the top down when I blow by
With the dough I am multi
You know why


[Verse 4: Freck Billionaire]
Ayo you see this the drop
to see this nigga everyday up at the school 
I mean dude was cool type of fool 
who always said what he meant 
You could peep him at lunch
Freestylin by
to this comin' attraction
Let the billboards with plastic, all I have is this Massenburg
And they can't talk no more, I'm gon' keep on livin'
Fueled by
he's straight
The only n**** out the project Magnolia with weight

[Hook - Turk]
N****, we hustle hustle everyday, all day
Get our grind on in
Eveything you built is bout to crack
Everything you did to me is comin back
No where to scat
And I say that
Cause I know Jesus Christ and God is black
and still misteps
On routines I never flow rountine 
Only those slogans are spoken by the token that's tokin' 
I stay tokin' cause I'm definitely different
the stressin' I only spit real shit
And niggas best to recognize no time for bullshittin'
Keep your eyes on the prize
So what I'm after is long term like satin
Ten times to tha head
what tha shooter said?


I thinkin bout whaen i was younger
I had to hustle in the summer
No time for cryin
Raised by single parent black women
They call me Tity Boi 'cause she used to spoil me
She always told me

Poor fool, streets don't love you
a elephant
I move cars like spinnin rims
I'm in a class all by myself like the brown Eminem
Not to down Eminem, I fuck black bitches
Fuck white bitches, nigga
Black Eightball y'all, I'm still drinkin after last call 

Drinkin 40 with my girl, hurlin all in the mall 

Now I'm at the point of no return

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