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Oneself in the future.
It's a winner,is it?
Oneself in the future.
It's a loser,is it?
everyone one out for oneself
      oneself, oneself

Tchaikovsky Arrastâo (Violin concerto in D major) and Arrastâo of the Middle Ages bourdons
Air transport is wide spread
Steamers and trains
I will accept any fee
For my work
300 minutes of pleasure with oneself
300 minutes of pleasure with
I open my eyes
The place where I stopped
The pressure that falls on oneself

The things that I got at last
It throws me, it scoffed at me

Here is
of the being
Leads to the pathways of desire
Established goals to be achieved
Achieved goals cast aside

This cycle is endless
In oneself it resides
or has good lost its hand

Whatever happened to the drive to learn
To better oneself just because one yearns
Whatever happened to the unique voice
The one
starts within you

In this search for I and I the truth is always deep inside
(Reversal of oneself finding the truth)

This is the quest of life
We must
of oneself with no consciousness
Potential material biofunctional design artificial but alive
Somehow completely existent remake post biological age do we
World in a world
Condemned fused in wuth the underworld
Formed pressed boxed caged
Must escape into oneself
Convicted and thrown away
Undesired sub
But we wonder if somehow it might help
To see one so sad for oneself
To see how they look to the world so sad
Look at their faces so sad
using only ones own power
Usually by propelling oneself upwards by contraction and then forceful extension of the legs
In some cases the height of a jump
Oneself Order」...
a long distance train
ただ まぶしかった
2枚の one way tickets
不安... でも飛び乗った
光またいで 輝きながら 走るの
To thrust aside the limits
To say "Yes" to death
Without fear, without remorse
To give up oneself to torture

Punishment and reward
The whip is
sings there truth?
It is wrong! I am here
Let's deliver nonfiction
A song like misfortune pride
I vomit original pain
The only means to prove oneself
答えて to oneself
白い目で見る奴よ 逆だったら
How do you feel it?
無責任な情報が 溢れている
傷つくさ そりゃ?
lastly free oneself
Like raise the incense smoke
And the funeral orations

Here time is unreal
Hours and minutes are meaningless
Here eternity has
unlikely role
Ill-equipped to act
With insufficient tact
One must put up barriers
To keep oneself intact

Living in the limelight
The universal dream
a burden
And answers are a prison for oneself
Shellshock  in the kitchen
Tables start to burn.


But still we walk into the valley
makes me so badly
my heart always bled

When I think that today
in Africa one destroys oneself
while the powers laugh
they like to see us divided
from all sins
Submission is the key to the saving from oneself

Believe my lies
Trust my eyes
Come to me
To be free
Heart gone blind
Drowned oneself in regrets

The string of pain
Bowed in causality
Sadness remains

Won't be obtained
As veils
draws a swift conclusion
One tells oneself in life
One love is the solution

One falls in love at last
One celebrates the meeting
One always will
This mark of impailment burned 
on my skin is immoral 
The shackle of frailness confines one 
to crawl with oneself 
a smell of corrosion force
breathe on, sister breathe on

From this oneself
Testify or tell
It's fooling us now
So let it be known for what we believe in
I can see no reason for it

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