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The fuzz in my head grows
It's already so low
The fuzz in my head stands
It's already all too clear

So much for losing track of time

Can cope with
along the way

Radio fuzz on the fence post by the pasture
Long ago Liza and you would dance all day
Now you lay buried, the stern and sacred father
Open and close like a hole in your nose
Got one in my shoe baby it's talking to you
Can you ever size unbelievable lies
Wasting your time in a line
tie all by myself
I'm getting tied, I'm forgetting why

Oh, we're so disarming, darling, everything we did believe
Is diving, diving, diving, diving
And I was shakin' on the ground
I was taken by the shaker who was preachin' to the crew
He was shakin' lots of bacon cookin' egg in his shoe
And awaken
said "meow"
She said her name was tammy
And her sugar hills worked the cure
I came to her in jammies
And I left so-phista-mature

Dirty mutha fuzz
with boys
I was into homework
And trying to get toys
It was around that time
I discovered what I was
For instance I said policeman
But Paula called
and fluttered his face with the fuzz of a dandelion.
Long about noontime
Floating 'cross the field, Georgie heard the peel of a bell being rung by the parson
the lights are low 
And it's time to go 
I need your love so bad 

So, give it up 
And bring it home to me 
Write it on a piece of paper 
So it can be read
Arches state
Walking down the aisles there, I saw the Savior's face

In swirling clouds of TV fuzz transcending time and space
The pizza trays
the time to fuzz with people - shining shoes
Try to catch a coke town bus can take away my blues
Everybody's gotta be somewhere
Whether it's
Concertina concertina a chill that bends 
This I swear you're the fiercest calm 
I've been in the soul quake 
Happened here in a glass world 
Particle by
I'm a sister with a grip on her life 
I only live once so I gotta get right 
The first time 'cause there won't be a second 
I'm not in the mood
Twenty first so far is hazed
Judgment by the like in views made
Permanence has run away
Hand in hand with career in shaping clay

Fast in
the hum and the buzz
The thickness and the fuzz
I jump over puddles to stomp through the sludge

Look for me through the wind and rain
Sunshine remember my
In the bag was a razor made for delicate skin
Shaved the peach fuzz, but only on my cheeks and chin

Now I'm rockin' the stache (I'm rockin'
It's a dark place over there
The seats and the stands are bare
But you remember, not long ago
All the times that we battled there
The sun,
at all
You gotta flush your stash, baby, no,it ain't no use at all. 
I woke up in the morning, fuzz by my bed.
I took two alka seltzers and flew right
When I'm talkin' rhyme time
To blow your mind time some say
It's nothing worse than a verse
To hear some nigger curse
They call me rude some
I'll stay at home ‘cause I'm the mouse 
So high that I can't fly 

More deep than space number nine 
Can't tell time by telling time 
Peel me a grape
Crush me some ice
Skin me a peach
Save the fuzz for my pillow
Start me a smoke
Talk to me nice
You gotta wine me
And dine me
One! Two!
Back then long time ago when grass was green
Woke up in a daze
Arrived like strangers in the night
(Fab! Doot, doot, doot doo)
You bring me to life
Oh people I'm in love again

Spreading, shaking, twisting, breaking, pay by craving
Everything you do (you do)
Don't take
Peel me a grape, crush me some ice
Skin me a peach, save the fuzz for my pillow
Talk to me nice, talk to me nice
You've got to wine me and dine me
journey, gettin' searched by the fuzz
Gettin' rushed out my bunk at nine-thirty in the mornin'
Wake up, grab your stash, break the bongs, and hide your