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(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder)
(G) - (D)

(G) I'll sing you a true song of (D) Billy the (G) Kid
I'll (D) sing the record of (G) deeds that he
(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder)

Oh, I'm a good old Rebel
Now that's just what I am
For this fair land of freedom
I do not care a damn.
I'm glad
(Traditional, adapted by Ry Cooder)
(D) - (A) - (E)

(A) We worked through Spring and Winter, through (D) Summer and through (A) Fall
(Arthur Blake, adapted by Ry Cooder)

All my life I've been a travellin' man
All my life I've been a travellin' man
Stayin' alone and doing the best
(Ry Cooder)

Goin' back down to Okinawa
Sorry, baby, but I can't take you
You better stay at home in California
There's nothing over there that you
(Traditional, adapted by Ry Cooder)

Come and gather all around me
Listen to my tale of woe
Got some good advice to give you
Lots of things you
(Ry Cooder & Jim Keltner)

Lonesome outerspace invader blasting through the night
Tuning in the soul music on the satellite
All that low-down funky
while I reveal myself into the industry
By smokin lyrical chokin teacher provokin MC
Clear the way for me, unique, delete the weak
As I defeat the claim