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the seizure of your home?
They need not charge you with a crime, how can an american feel safe
When police authority runs virtually unchecked?
And how can
Uh huh, well the name is Latifah, you hear me coming through
the spreaker.  Hit it Mark, 45 king

I am a bill, yes I'm only a bill when
It's time
thug livin' pay the bills and die violently
Closed caskets, expose bastards I leave 'em bloody
Deloris Tucker don't let your kids hear a nigga speak
You've been instructed by sentences in each
Verse featured to suck you into a world invented to see you bleed first. My brutal rhyme is running
getting worked by this girl named Cognac, matta fact 
I want to take her home, the reefer got me in the zone 
Intentions to bone, we all alone, by ourself
me a bottle of that
It's hella ass, some with glitter and exotic tats
You know my stats, superfly, MAC
I'm in the back getting worked by this girl
the rest of the dope in some nearby shrubberies
In a dimlit room being questioned by these authorities
And they gave me some time in correctional
this TRU click, it ain't No Limit
To my loyalty and strong arm authority
Admit it, I'm finna show day to day soap opera
Downtown hoes unload when

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